Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was in my computer class at "Mt. San Antonio College", the one that was closed due to power outage. My class is in one of the older buildings, luckily single level. I felt the shake and the whole building was moving, so I screamed "Earthquake" and ran out the door. The students were all shocked and not panicked like me, so they gathered their bags and stuff and slowly got out. Hell... I was already in a clearing, away from all buildings. I had the instructor go back in and get my stuff for me. The light poles were swaying and the ground kept moving for what seemed like forever. There was one young man who was pretty rattled.

Bad thing is that everyone was working on their final projects, due on Thursday and the computers all shut down, so if you didn't save recently, all your recent work is gone. Save, Save, Save; my new motto.

I went directly to Bob's house in Montclair. I had to backtrack because Holt was closed down by the fire department. Bob's house had a few things messed up, pictures are crooked and some glass things fell and broke from the collectible cabinets. Not bad at all.

At home the pictures on the walls are all crooked and smaller ones fell over. No damage.

So now I need to earthquake proof the house, get the earthquake preparedness kit ready, and have a beer.

Adios, Kathy

Monday, July 28, 2008

Art Day

Today I went to my computer graphics class. Only 3 more days and it's complete. Right now I'm designing packaging for a toy (the class project). I will be signing up for another Web Design class, starting August 25th, in the evenings.

I took out my watercolors and attempted to paint a farm scene, Teresa took a photo of in Ohio. I'll have to try it a few more times. It's about 5 x 7, in an Ikea frame.

Next I used a scrap of watercolor paper from Shannon's leftovers. It was the good paper.
It's a little one, 8.5" x 2". Busy hands are happy hands.

I walked Lili all the way across the street to visit the little boy, Chochi. He loves petting Lili and she wanted to get outside. Her right front leg hurts her so much, that was about as far as she could go.

All is well in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You won't believe this.... I actually finished reading a book!!!
I have started so many books and never finish - never get past the first couple of chapters.
Today I sat on a chair in the living room and finished "The Secret Life of Bees". Didn't move for at least 3 hours. Truly Amazing. Good book too.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend with Ryder

Carl and I decided to take baby Ryder for the weekend. I picked him up from Amanda at Leah's house on Friday evening. Leah and Tom got to help feed him. I think the plum was not such a good idea, I'm still paying in the diaper department.

So today, Saturday, feels like it's been a 40 hour day. I'm exhausted. I put him to bed and now I just want to take a bath and relax. I haven't moved this much in years. I don't think I sat still today for longer than a 5 minute spread. Wow, no wonder women don't have kids at this age, not a good idea for anyone thinking about it.

Here are two video clips of Ryder in action.

I put him in my rolling gardeners seat, we went back and forth across the patio at least 30 times. That was my workout. Then Lili jumped in with him and rode for a while. She jumped out before Carl could snap a photo. They were squashed but had fun.

Ryder in the gardener's seat.

Lili was very patient with Ryder, his finger went directly to her eyeball each time.

I'll be taking him home tomorrow morning. I'll need at least half a day to recouperate. Carol - I don't know how you do it!!!! And Shannon too, but you're young, you can handle it. Amanda has her hands full. Ryder is like having 2 kids heading in different directions. But I love him and really enjoy his sweet little personality. It will be fun watching him grow up.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't talk about it - Just Do It!

That's my new motto for Carl F. and Donnie. Too much talk, not enough action - Just Do It!

Carl and I went to Full-Bore today to gather with the 777 Bonneville team and fire up the roadster in preparation for Speedweek.

This is Donnie McNeil, trying on the car for size.
Not a good fit.

Here are some video clips of the event.

Dennis getting in the car and firing it up.

As we were driving home, we noticed a plume of smoke...
A car had caught fire at the side of the 57 North in the canyon. Well, the whole hillside was in flames and all the fire units were just arriving. Luckily there wasn't any wind yet.

The traffic was really slow but we weren't stopped at all.

It burned some low brush and bushes.

The flames were right alongside the freeway.

We So that's our Saturday, now Carl is watching the NASCAR race.
I'll be frying some fish for dinner.


Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Parade

Update on this blog: I thought I had a picture of the Calvary Baptist Float.
Here is the Perrin Family, and Cathy P.

It's Independence Day here in the good ol' USA. So me and the girls, Rondi, Teresa and Cathy, headed out early to the Bagelry to grab a bagel and cup of coffee (actually cokes because it's way too hot for coffee) before watching the annual La Verne 4th of July Parade. We sat and ate for about an hour, then Rondi left to attend to something (I already forgot what) and Teresa, Cathy and I walked down D Street to the start of the parade.

Of course we know people participating in the parade (it's a small town), so we stopped to chat with friends on their floats. Calvary Baptist Church and School had about 3 or 4 floats. One of the floats was manned by the Perrin Family. (sorry to say, but the video I took of you guys did not come out, because that's when my batteries wore out and I had to replace them, oops!) I saw Laura McConnahey, who asked how Shannon was, so I told her.

Here is some video and some pictures of the parade.

That's me with Miss La Verne in the background in the car.
A great finish to a fun morning... free watermelon!