Monday, April 20, 2009

Grandma by Proxy

On Saturday, the team met up to continue working on the trailer lights wiring. They attempted to fix it last weekend but ran into some problems. It turns out that the problem was with dad's truck's plug, so he went out and bought a new Ford 1/2 ton.
Amanda dropped off Ryder so Carl and I could watch him for the rest of the weekend.
Here he is in Great Grandpa's race car.

Uncle Carl is showing Ryder how to use the button key.

Now he can work on his own car.

He seems to be a natural car-guy mechanic.

He put the button key in every available nook.

After he finished tuning up his own car, he took it for a spin.

We all went to the Little Onion for lunch afterwards. Ryder is a little tentative about GGP.

Not too sure about Art Chrisman either.

On Sunday I took him over to Brackett Field Airport in La Verne. We took a seat for lunch at Norm's Hangar Coffee Shop right on the air field. Ryder immediately started screeching with glee at the sight of the airplanes. The customers didn't mind because they could somehow relate to his excitement. They all wanted to take him home, I told them he would go if they had an airplane.
This Barnstormer would give rides then come back and park right in front of us.

After lunch, Ryder took a short ride in this mini bi-plane.

Then we walked out onto the tarmac to see some planes up close.
It was so hot that when we got home I gave him a squirt bottle and the hose and he was entertained for the rest of the day. Amanda and Keith picked him up around 5 pm on Sunday.
And I'm still alive.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Night out on the town

Can you believe it? Carl and I went out on a Wednesday night. We went to the Hip Kitty Jazz and Fondue Lounge in Claremont. It was great! There was a live Jazz Band and they played really good jazzy rock. Wednesdays are Open Mic and sit in with the band night, so people would replace the keyboard, drummer, and bass players. A 19 year old young man played the bass guitar for a while, that took nerve and he was really good.

Then a man played some Jimmy Hendrix on the bass and he was outstanding. He must be in a professional band, I hear that sometimes pros will sit in. Anyway we had such a good time and didn't get home until midnight. Who knows, we may go out again one of these nights.

Kathy (the party girl)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We celebrated in the morning by sharing a breakfast with our neighbors. We had bacon, Easter eggs, English muffins, cinnamon rolls, home fried potatoes, egg cheese and green pepper casserole, strawberries and pineapple and Mimosa's.
I really love our Easter breakfast. Everyone brought something. Only thing missing was Shannon. She always loves our gatherings.

The gang at the table.

The guys.

The girls.
Video of the backyard.

On Friday, April 10th, there was a memorial for Chuck Sandberg in San Diego.
Gerrie, Me and Leah after the memorial in Joanne's kitchen.

Video of Joanne's yard (Chuck's sister). We all went there afterwards to visit and have dinner. This was a hard day for the family.

I still haven't put up anything about my trip back from Missouri. After I get my class homework done and Deuce Frame's ad, etc. I'll get to it.

I hope all the little ones had fun today.
Love to all, Kathy

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I wore Yellow

There was a memorial today for Jim Deist at the NHRA Museum, so I wore yellow in honor of Jim. His logo is bright yellow. Jim passed away on March 9th. He was one of the most unique characters who attended Bonneville. He always wore bib overalls, it didn't matter how fancy the event, he wore those overalls, and he had a huge cigar (half chewed) hanging on his lip. I got to know Jim over these past few years at Bonneville and being involved with the 200 MPH Club and he was always good for a laugh. He would park his rig right next to us at the tech inspection area, arriving late, nearly noon. People would come up to me all morning asking "Where's Deist?" He would eventually show up. They finally moved him about 5 years ago, across from us. He was usually with his buddies, Bob Leggio and Louie Senter and they were forever laughing and joking. He will be missed, by me for sure.

Here I am by my lemon tree. It's time to pick soon, if the bees would scram. I kind of look like a huge bee, maybe I scared them away.

On Friday, it's another memorial for Leah's husband, Chuck. Damn - too many memorials lately.
Take good care of yourselves.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hit the Road

It's Wednesday morning at 9:30 and we are getting close to leaving the house. The car is going to be so overly packed, boxes of paperwork for the estate probate, 2 dogs and a cat and all of their food and supplies along with my big luggage and Leah's, and an ice chest and food.

So this morning, Leah tried to give the cat her sedative hidden in chicken meat, on a paper towel on the counter. Well, the cat picked all the chicken off of the pill and somehow knocked the paper towel onto the floor. I noticed that Elmo (the male pug dog) was licking his chops. The paper towel was soaked with spit and no pink pill to be found. Now Elmo is stumbling around the house like a drunk and running into things. The cat will be meowing and scratching the bottom of her plastic cat carrier the whole way.

First stop will probably be Chandler, Oklahoma and one of those old 1930's hotels that I looked up in Dad's Route 66 books. I really want to see the old road on this trip.

I'm sure we will be having a great adventure and I will post photos after I get home, because my camera isn't working with this computer setup.

Wish us Luck!

PS. I called Rondi yesterday from Walmart. I just had to let her know that being in Walmart in Missouri was at least 10 time crazier and stranger than the one in Glendora, Yikes!