Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hit the Road

It's Wednesday morning at 9:30 and we are getting close to leaving the house. The car is going to be so overly packed, boxes of paperwork for the estate probate, 2 dogs and a cat and all of their food and supplies along with my big luggage and Leah's, and an ice chest and food.

So this morning, Leah tried to give the cat her sedative hidden in chicken meat, on a paper towel on the counter. Well, the cat picked all the chicken off of the pill and somehow knocked the paper towel onto the floor. I noticed that Elmo (the male pug dog) was licking his chops. The paper towel was soaked with spit and no pink pill to be found. Now Elmo is stumbling around the house like a drunk and running into things. The cat will be meowing and scratching the bottom of her plastic cat carrier the whole way.

First stop will probably be Chandler, Oklahoma and one of those old 1930's hotels that I looked up in Dad's Route 66 books. I really want to see the old road on this trip.

I'm sure we will be having a great adventure and I will post photos after I get home, because my camera isn't working with this computer setup.

Wish us Luck!

PS. I called Rondi yesterday from Walmart. I just had to let her know that being in Walmart in Missouri was at least 10 time crazier and stranger than the one in Glendora, Yikes!

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Lacey said...

thats so funny about the cat! sounds like quite the adventure! excited to see your pictures. Stay safe =)