Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryder and Lili

Ryder came to visit us on Saturday and Sunday. It was so hot outside that we just stayed in the house and played. On Sunday afternoon he and I went to the movies and watched Toy Story 3 even though we both had seen it before.

Ryder liked Lili's chair and ramp. She finally gave in and let him sit on it with her. She was worn out, trying to avoid him. They became buddies after time.

Amanda and Keith pick-up him up in the evening on Sunday, after spending the day paddle boarding at Dana Point. I was worn out most of the day on Monday. I'm old.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Speedweek - Part Two

I did a blog post on the Team 777 blog. Look at the column to the right under My Blog List, and click on Full-bore Race Team 777 blog, to view it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Speedweek - Part One

This is a short sample of the fun we had at Bonneville. It will take me a couple of days to put a proper blog up on the Team 777 blog site. But for now, please enjoy our first evening at the Rainbow hotel.

Will post more soon,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Big Pink Suitcase

So, I'm trying to plan for our cruise, what to wear! I'm doing the "How do I look?" pictures for Shannon to critique. If you click twice on the picture, you should be able to get a close up. Just don't look at the face.

I bought 3 pairs of linen baggy legged pants in white, black and grey. I got a black and a grey sequined tank top, and a purple cheap tank and I have others colors already. I have a couple of lightweight over jackets, sweaters. My goal is to mix and match for the evenings. We have 2 formal nights, but I am NOT wearing a formal. Pants are it!!!

Layers!! Ha Ha.

THIS IS FOR LACEY!!! I bought a 29" pullman suitcase today. I think you will fit, you'll have to bend your legs.

TJ Maxx has the cheapest luggage. This is a super lightweight one, Delsey, since I can only bring one piece of luggage, at 50 lbs. max, when I visit Shannon in November. The only color and only Delsey luggage was this Pepto Bismal Pink one. It's going to get filthy, but at least I will see it when it comes down the luggage ramp. Speaking of ramps, the ramp to the chair on the right is for Lili, since she cannot make it up or down anymore without it.

Start dieting Lacey. It's going to be a tight fit.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stay-cation LA to San Diego

First.... Nothing to do with our trip... Just want to show Shannon that Dad is wearing the t-shirt that you and Grant brought to him from Australia. It's now his favorite one and very comfortable.

Now... about our 2 day staycation train trip to San Diego. On Thursday, July 29th, the Dodgers were playing the Padres at Petco Park in San Diego. What a great excuse to take a short 2-day vacation. Carl and I and Betty and Brian packed up a backpack with a few items and caught the early train from Claremont to LA Union Station. From there we boarded the Surfliner to San Diego. I have always wanted to do that, so this was the perfect reason to.
At the end of this blog is a condensed movie video of our adventure, but first a few photos.
From the train window we all spied two huge piles of chopped wood and thought of Shannon.

A lifeguard shack at San Clemente beach.

Our seats were three rows up from the field directly in front of third base. If you enlarge this picture by clicking once, then again you can actually see Carl standing and buying a bottle of water from the vendor guy. Carl is wearing black pants and white shirt.

Our travel buddies, Betty and Brian. Brian put this entire trip together, thank you!

The Geico Gecko mascot, a colorful guy.

It was a sell-out crowd of 42,000 people. Dr. Oz threw out the first pitch.
After the ball game (Dodger's lost) we walked to DeMedici Italian restaurant in the GasLamp District of San Diego, just a few blocks away. We enjoyed delicious food, great service in a very classy place. After dinner we walked down 5th Street, which happened to be full of party-ers, just like Las Vegas - but San Diego on a Thursday night. We stopped at the GasLamp Strip Club for a drink. Nobody stripped, it's a restaurant and bar and they serve meats that you cook for yourself on a grill. I think it means a strip of meat. The bartender, who Carl had the hots for, poured a mean drink. She was very cute and was wearing fishnet stockings and short shorts. We walked back to our hotel by 11 or 11:30???

The next day we took the train to LA and visited Olvera Street and our favorite Mexican restaurant. Ate lunch and enjoyed a Margarita.

Here we are in front of all the trinkets for sale.

We cannot get near LA without stopping at the Frolic Room.

The Pantages Theater outside entry. In the old days, the Academy Awards were held here.

Across the street is the W Hotel, were the Hollywood elite hang out.

This is the Fullerton train depot. We sort of got on the wrong train at Union Station and it was headed back to Oceanside, so we got off in Fullerton, waited a bit and caught the next train back to LA. Caught the 8:05 train to Claremont and made it home.

Now for the video. It's about 6 minutes long, so if you have nothing better to do for 6 minutes, I hope you enjoy my handiwork.
Thanks for looking and "PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS"