Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Entertainment

Carl and I took the Metrolink train to Union Station on Saturday morning. We were attending the "Million Dollar Quartet" at the Pantages Hollywood. Boarded the train at 10:30, arrived at the station in time for lunch, which was a Subway sandwich in the depot. Then we caught the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine. We were advised by Ticketmaster to arrive early because of a parade going down Hollywood Boulevard right before our show started. It was a delightful treat to see this parade. Very different, I must say. You'll be able to see the video below.

She sell Sea shells by the Sea Shore...

Video of the Carnival Parade


I thought it might turn into a Transformer...

Bright costumes.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show. I recommend it to everyone. Fantastic musicians and voices.
The Frolic Room is conveniently located right next door, so we had to stop in to say hi to our friends (the ones on the wall behind us). The wall was recently restored with a plastic shield added to protect the art.

A guy ordered a round of Fireball shots and the bartender poured one too many.
Guess who ended up with a free Fireball shot. Yep -- Me.

Then we walked down the street to Musso and Frank for dinner. There were no tables available so we sat at the counter, which turned out to be a real treat.

We watched the grill chef cook all the meat. The fan above the wood burning grill is so powerful, you don't smell one bit of smoke in the restaurant. I ordered a Rib Eye steak and baked potato, it was the best, ever!

We had a couple of hours to kill before the train left at 9PM, so we walked to Hollywood and Highland. The boulevard was jam-packed with tourists and locals; attending the many events that weekend. There were the X-Games, a Dodger Game, the Hollywood Carnival Parade and Caribbean Musical Festival, and so much more. When we got back to Union Station, we were smack-dab in the middle of the BET Awards, Pre-Awards Gala. I wasn't allowed in, so I took a picture from the station window. Everyone was all dressed up and partying, waiting to see if they might win an award.

The red curtains on the right provided privacy for the dinner and music for the evening.

Around 8:30 PM in Los Angeles, looking out from the train depot towards Olvera Street.
We had a great ride home on the train. It was packed with all the people who spent the day in L.A.

On Sunday evening, the girls went to see Magic Mike. From the left, Katherine, Me, Shannon, Lacey, Kristen, and Candice. It was a fun night, the movie was a "stinker", still we laughed, mostly at the comments by fellow audience members. My recommendation is "wait until it comes out on video".
We had a late snack at the Corner Bakery after the show, and closed the place down. 
We should do this more often. Thanks girls for letting me hang out with you.
I wonder what's going to happen this week....Fourth of July Party!!!!