Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joni's BBQ and Pretend City

Last weekend was warm and sunny, the perfect day for a BBQ. Rondi, Sean and Steph put together a nice party for Joni's birthday. Neil was the social director, this time, his assignment was to entertain Carl. Here's Joni with her big birthday smile on.

Teresa, Billie (in the background), Brandie and Crazy Lori chatting it up.

Sean and Stephanie, chef and his assistant.

Neil, doing his job, entertaining Carl. I don't think either of them ever moved from those seats all day.

Carl and I, posing it up.

Joni and Carol. Blue was the color of the day.

Guess who's picture is missing from this BBQ blog??? Rondi, our hostess. Next time, I must take her picture...

That was last weekend... this weekend Ryder stayed with us. I met Amanda at Brea Mall on Friday afternoon to do the child swap. The traffic was so stopped going back north, I decided to call Lacey, so Ryder and I went to Buena Park to visit them. Ryder and Dean love playing together. They played in the backyard on the swings and rode bikes. We went to Chile's for dinner, then drove home around 9 pm.
On Saturday morning (late) we picked up Lacey and Dean and headed to Irvine, to Pretend City. It's a kids hands-on museum. A city just their size. There's a post office, market, farm, gas station, hospital, bank, art school, fishing, a stage with musical instruments and costumes. Each place had the clothing to wear to go to work there.
The boys were working the dispatch desk for the police department here.

Ryder is pumping gas and cleaning the windows of this car.

There's also a garage to repair cars.

The beach is behind the boys. They're going to repair this BMW next.

Going for a spin

Ryder is a construction worker, screwing in screws and bolts with the tools hanging from the wall.

He seemed to take to this job.

Dean in his construction guy wear.

They fitted plumbing pipes. This is such a great place for kids, but I wouldn't go on a Saturday like we did... way too many kids.

There's a theater stage with musical instruments and costumes. Dean found the symbols and the tamborine went on his head. He looked and acted like one of those little wind up monkeys, like from "Phantom of the Opera". He was hysterical and had everyone laughing. I think that Lacey got him on video.

I did to Ryder what I used to do to Shannon as a kid. Make her wear the goofiest stuff. I suggested that he wear those patent leather lime green boots. They covered his entire legs, so funny. Ryder is much shyer than Dean. I think Dean will be an entertainer like his dad and grandpa.

Then we headed to the grocery store. The boys filled their shopping baskets with fake food and went to the cashier (another kid) to pay and check out. There was plenty of play money at the bank.

Ryder trying his hand at cashiering.

Lacey took so many more photos and I'm sure that she will blog about the day.
We ate a late lunch at Dave and Buster's, dropped off Lacey and Dean at home and went home.
Amanda picked up Ryder on Sunday afternoon. Carl and I enjoyed his visit with us. He's a good boy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day

I wore green today while I delivered "Meals on Wheels" to 10 local senior citizens. I volunteered to help out and it's been a few weeks so far, I'm liking it. The people are so nice and really appreciate having a hot meal delivered. I'm earning my Senior Girl Scout badge, ha ha.

I got these flowers from Trader Joes before Carl got home, and they're still pretty.
I bought a new little table from Pier 1 Imports last weekend, it hides all of the cords, and fireplace valve, and ugly stuff. I like it, and "amazingly", so does Carl. 
When I see an "outstanding" photo on a friends blog or Facebook, I steal it, and put it in "My Pictures". When my computer screen saver comes up I get to see them.  This one of Dean is just so great. He fell asleep with his toy car in his mouth. Good picture capturing, Lacey.

Google sure has made it difficult to organize a blog post. The pictures have a mind of their own, you can't line up the text on the left. Not sure what they are thinking.

I will be watching Ryder this weekend, so I'm sure that I should have a very entertaining blog post next week.
Oh ya, dad started acupunture for his back and leg pain. I'm hoping he has good results. Roy the pin cushion.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Evening

Tomorrow is the big day! Carl returns after 3 weeks in New Zealand. I'll be toting him home from LAX in the AM. It will be good to have him home. Lili and I miss the mighty fisherman.
I've done "WHAT??" while he's been gone??? Who knows....
I know, I've painted a few pictures in watercolor class. Here they are...

That's all the excitement here in La Verne.