Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Crawl-4 & Christmas Day 2009

Last Sunday was the Fourth Annual Community Christmas Crawl. It started as a progressive dinner in our neighborhood, going to 3 different houses each year. We started this party at Neil and Rondi's house for cocktails and appetizers at 3:00. The welcome wall was was decorated for photos.

Miss Rondi digging in the cooler.

Host, Neil, with sis-in-law Joni. We couldn't have asked for better weather, perfect for staying outdoors.

Me with Tim and Cathy, wearing their Christmas thrift-store best.
Teresa, eyes, and Cathy.
Carol and sis, Nancy, both looking lovely.
Mr. Carl and Joni in heavy conversation.

Crazy Lori and Brandie (what's on Rondi's back?)
Carl placed himself directly in front of the platter of Neil's bbq wings and drummets. Sean with Cathy and Tim.
Next stop - Our house - for a baked potato bar and salads. Everyone brought food for the stops, so it was a pot luck, and delicious. Yvonne and Ron below.
Still nice outside even after the sun went down.
Me and Carol.
Carl looks like he's singing a Christmas carol.

Neil and Kelly. Glad you came, kids.

That's it for the crawl, I need to get more pictures from the others.
Now for Christmas morning. Just Carl and I and Lili. Such a quiet Christmas. I make the traditional waffle breakfast.

I'm afraid that we are starting to look like grandparents. What happened??
Since she was a puppy, Lili has loved Christmas morning and she helps to open each gift. She's much slower about it now, but remembers what to do when she sees someone unwrapping a gift.
Carl and I got ourselves one gift and surprised each other with what we bought. I'm taking mine back.
Me, Mike, John, Carl and Verdee. The Olson's visited with us for a couple of hours, then joined Verdee's family for Christmas dinner. Thanks for coming!
Grandma Lisa with Ryder.
Ryder got a new bike and he sure rides well for 2-1/2 years old.
Roy and Lisa and Ryder watching Madagascar.

That's it. Christmas is over. Time to put away all of the decorations. It was great as always to spend fun times with good friends and family over the holidays. At least we make a point to get together, if only once a year. Naaaa, we party all the time.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chrisman's Christmas Party 2009

Carl and I arrived early, or we thought we would be early. The party was starting at 5:00, so we arrived by 3:00 and the place was packed, as usual. Our first stop was to see Art and to present him with a framed print of Shannon's latest pencil drawing; Art and his #25 car. He was so thrilled with it you can see by the huge smile on his face. Click on any picture to view up close.

A gentleman named Mark is restoring the Beast III, the car Art drove to get into the 200 MPH club. He brought the car to the party and also a huge cake, must be at least 3 or 4 feet long. I never did get a piece of the cake.

Video inside Art's shop.

Brother Roy's new car. Just finished building it.

Cars lined up in front of Full-Bore.

Dad with Sherry.

Bruce Geisler was honored to have his likeness on the front of Shannon's drawing flyer, and he would like to receive a royalty with each sale. Ha Ha.

Prints of Shannon's drawings on display at Grandpa's. Sold quite a few. ( just in case you might want a print or if you'd like a portrait done.

Debbie and Dennis. Awwww.

Ryder and Grandpa Roy.

Ryder's shoes matched this Chevy.

Dad, Sherry and Mike.

Pat Ganahl in his newly completed Deuce.

Roy and Pete.

Carl and Lois. Very nice lady, Carl.

Isky holding court. At the back table, Jim Travis and Louis Senter.

Brother Carl and Hardy Allen.

Thom Taylor checking out Roy's new ride.

The 2 boys had such a fun time, between all the cookies they could eat, watching Hot Rods fire up, and climbing on Great-Grandpa's motorbike.

Cookie-Monster Dean.

Ryder is going to be a motorcycle rider.

Uncle Roy got Grandpa to sign Shannon's drawing .

The newly painted Hustler I. The coupe, the 25 car and the Hustler I all together.

Steve Davis was happy to get a copy of Shannon's drawing.

Dean on GG's scooter.

They fired up all the cars for a mini Cacklefest. OMG! I was standing by the HustlerI and just about jumped out of my shoes. As you can barely see in the dark video below.

Art, beaming, after the fire-up.

Shannon, we all miss you and wish you could have been here for the party. Grant you too. Here's a little video for you. We love you Shannon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week until Christmas

To backtrack a week, we enjoyed our annual has-been and cast-offs party at Brian and Betty's house. Ladies and one table and men at the other.

The men were having a large time, with much laughter.

Tomorrow is Saturday and the annual Chrisman Christmas party. Now that dad has his shop next to Art's shop, he is one of the stops for the guests. He will be serving cookies, so I baked 3 batches today.

Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and lacey oatmeal. I'm sick from testing the dough and the cookies.

I stopped for a moment from my baking to take a picture of the sunset this evening.
The best colors are in nature, and this is out my back door.

Here is our little Christmas tree. Carl and I are giving ourselves one gift, from me to me and from him to him. The surprise will be to see what the other one bought.

And of course, Lili on the couch. I didn't use a flash because she won't look at the camera if it flashes. She is part of the couch, actually an option you can order and have it died to match the other cushions.

I'm not sure what's happening to my lemon tree in the backyard, but I've been picking some strangely shaped lemons. This one looks just like a chili pepper.
I picked 2 shaped like chili peppers.

Yesterday I picked a few freaks. The big one in the back is next to a normal sized lemon. This fatty must weigh 2 lbs. Then there' the family of freaks in the front row, I could enter them in the circus.

Huge lemon!! Bigger than a grapefruit.

Our front lawn with the fall leaves.

Here is our neighbors new garage door and new paint on the house.

Well that's about all the action happening on this block. Sunday is our Community Christmas Crawl #4. I'll be hosting the baked potato bar.
Stay tuned.