Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chrisman's Christmas Party 2009

Carl and I arrived early, or we thought we would be early. The party was starting at 5:00, so we arrived by 3:00 and the place was packed, as usual. Our first stop was to see Art and to present him with a framed print of Shannon's latest pencil drawing; Art and his #25 car. He was so thrilled with it you can see by the huge smile on his face. Click on any picture to view up close.

A gentleman named Mark is restoring the Beast III, the car Art drove to get into the 200 MPH club. He brought the car to the party and also a huge cake, must be at least 3 or 4 feet long. I never did get a piece of the cake.

Video inside Art's shop.

Brother Roy's new car. Just finished building it.

Cars lined up in front of Full-Bore.

Dad with Sherry.

Bruce Geisler was honored to have his likeness on the front of Shannon's drawing flyer, and he would like to receive a royalty with each sale. Ha Ha.

Prints of Shannon's drawings on display at Grandpa's. Sold quite a few. ( just in case you might want a print or if you'd like a portrait done.

Debbie and Dennis. Awwww.

Ryder and Grandpa Roy.

Ryder's shoes matched this Chevy.

Dad, Sherry and Mike.

Pat Ganahl in his newly completed Deuce.

Roy and Pete.

Carl and Lois. Very nice lady, Carl.

Isky holding court. At the back table, Jim Travis and Louis Senter.

Brother Carl and Hardy Allen.

Thom Taylor checking out Roy's new ride.

The 2 boys had such a fun time, between all the cookies they could eat, watching Hot Rods fire up, and climbing on Great-Grandpa's motorbike.

Cookie-Monster Dean.

Ryder is going to be a motorcycle rider.

Uncle Roy got Grandpa to sign Shannon's drawing .

The newly painted Hustler I. The coupe, the 25 car and the Hustler I all together.

Steve Davis was happy to get a copy of Shannon's drawing.

Dean on GG's scooter.

They fired up all the cars for a mini Cacklefest. OMG! I was standing by the HustlerI and just about jumped out of my shoes. As you can barely see in the dark video below.

Art, beaming, after the fire-up.

Shannon, we all miss you and wish you could have been here for the party. Grant you too. Here's a little video for you. We love you Shannon.

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Shannon Olson said...

Looks like a great party! Wish I could have been there to see everyone and taste the tacos and cookies everyone was talking about. Thanks everyone for saying hi to me in the video I miss you all too! Merry Christmas!