Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Bear Weekend

It's Sunday evening and I just returned home from a wonderfully relaxing weekend with the girls in Big Bear. Joni and Brandie invited us up to their cabin in Fawnskin. We left on Friday afternoon; myself, Rondi and Lori. Joni and Brandie were there when we arrived with cold beers waiting for us. If you click on the pictures, you can see it up close and really clear.

Brandie, Lori and Rondi.

Here is the boat dock, looking out from the deck.
Brandie upstairs.

Joni saying hi from the kitchen door.


Friday night we went out for Mexican food and Pink Cadillac Margaritas... delicious...

The house from the back deck.

The living room.

Sunday morning - the lake was calm - no wind.

My shoes...

Quack - Quack!!

Looking up at the house from the dock.

Video of the boat coming in..

Video of the house

The observatory

Thank you Joni, Brandie, Lori and Rondi for such a nice and relaxing weekend. I really had a great time. That was a true retreat for me, with drinking. Let's hear it for the buckets!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A day at Full-Bore

Ryder checking out great grandpa.

Great-grandpa with Ryder and Amanda.

On Wednesday I drove down to dad's shop to watch the guys lay the new floor in the offices. Well, one thing led to another and we had to hire a plumber ($1200) because none of the water valves worked in the entire building. And he'll install the new toilets we brought.

The shop is half empty. Erik and Robert came by and tore down 2 large shelf units and removed them.

Here's a short clip of Erik.

Amanda came by to visit and brought the fast and furious "Ryder". He is interested in tires and anything that rolls, I wonder where he gets that.

He's just a busy and inquisitive little guy..

More broom work...

In the race trailer...

Your car is gone - Shannon - Amanda bought it.

That's all for now. Love, MOM

Monday, September 8, 2008

Alexa and Peter

Hi Shannon,

Alexa wants to say hi to you.

Here is a picture of Alexa and Peter and their brothers.

She likes to make funny faces.

We miss you! Love, Mom and Carol and Alexa and Peter.