Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ryder's Birthday Party and More....

 We celebrated Ryder's 5th birthday at the Orange BMX track. The kids, and adults, brought their bikes and helmets to ride the dirt track. The ladies cheered the boys on.

 Lacey is suiting up Dean for his big ride.

Shannon is putting on her "big kid's" helmet.

Grant looks like a real racer, only taller.

Amanda and Keith brought food for all; sandwiches, pizza, chips and drinks.

This is Ryder racing Wes. Ryder is fearless and fast.

Here's "gumball head" Uncle Carl, early on. He was having fun.

Dean's warming up and ready to hit the race course.

They stopped for some cake; topped with a trophy.

Time to open birthday presents.
Ryder received some cool new toys, new racing rags; jersey, pants, helmet, gloves.

This game, operation, may come in handy later.

New jersey, same colors as dad's.

Since Ryder loves to play the piano, we gave him a keyboard.
Now he can take piano lessons.

Shannon and her borrowed daughter, Hazel.

PaPa Carl with Dean.

Bubba ran the entire course, more than once. It was a great workout.

Carl should not have taken that last ride.

Ended up in the hospital with broken bones and a brushed lung. Notice his left shoulder...broken. Plus 6 ribs.

I picked him up from the hospital on Sunday.
The nurse kicked him out and made him walk to the door. She said "time to get tough". Poor Carl.

You just never know how a day is going to end.
Enjoy every moment with your family and friends.
Don't take unnecessary risks unless you're ready to deal with the consequences.
Be nice and loving and helpful to others.
Life can take a turn for the worse or the better in one moment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

This blog post covers what I've been up to in May and June. The weekend after San Diego we had a small BBQ at our house with some of the kids and friends. Shannon is teaching Dean how to make a Mojito.

Kathleen with her baby grand-daughter, Hazel.

Dean and Ryder, those two can really wear me out.

Carol, Shannon and Teresa. Burgers and Dogs.

Mother and daughter, Kathleen and Lacey.

Find the two bad-boys in the picture. In the corners. Dean wasn't used to this, he seemed to like it.

Keith had a talk with them after they were released from the kitchen corners.

The following weekend, Rondi hosted a girls party with the ladies who work at and used to work for NHRA in some form. I worked at the Museum for a while, so I'm included.

We all brought food and there was plenty of yummy treats.

Joni's roses from her garden. So pretty.

Visited Shannon and Grant. This is in front of Chapman University.

Dean is wearing his bat wings on his PJ's.

Shannon with Hazel.

As I was driving out my gate, I saw a snake in the street.

I took Shannon and Grant down to Crystal Cove to show them around.

The weather was perfect.

A succulent garden at the beach.

On Monday, June 4th, Ryder came to stay for a week while Amanda and Keith went on vacation to Kauai.
Luckily for Ryder, Peter was across the street to play with.

The boys had fun together, Ryder got to drive Peter's car.

Ryder loves to play the piano. He makes pretty music and tries all the keys and the foot pedals. He asked if he could take piano lessons and I think that's a great idea.

What to feed a 5 year old??? Red scrambled eggs!!

We went to the park where he met a boy to play with.

Had to wait in line to use this ride. The seat spins on the post.

Two days later....green eggs.

Lacey and I took the boys and Hazel to Pretend City on Friday.

 They performed on stage.

They fished and got wet.

They were soaked, but had a fun time.

They were dentists, Lacey was the patient.

They were doctors, again Lacey the patient.

Practicing walking on crutches.

Here's Hazel in her swing.

On Saturday, June 9th, the guys put the motor in the roadster to get ready for Bonneville.
Dad (Roy) hosted lunch at Art Chrisman's shop.

Pat and Mike are enjoying some Mexi-Chicken.

Back to work on the seat. Modifying it for the seat belts.

Team 777

Later that day I went to Junior Kurtz's 70th birthday party.
Kenny Hoover with Shannon and Grant.

Junior with Joe Vigna out on the patio.

Weather was perfect. Food was great. Nice people to visit with.

Michele with her grandson, Raymond.

So this is what's been happening with me. I keep busy and have fun.