Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visiting Leah in Missouri

It's Sunday and all is well. We have been going through paperwork, organizing, eating ribs, driving around the hillsides, and having a nice visit.

Yesterday we went to Super Walmart and bought some electronics. Got Leah a TV converter and inside antenna. I hooked it all up last night and it works. She can now cancel her Dish TV and never has to pay for TV again. The converter was $48. and the antenna was $38. I rewired everything, hooked it all up, including the VCR/DVD player, downloaded the channels and she's a working. Sometimes I really surprise myself with my electronic/computer abilities. Must come naturally, because I'm not really sure what I'm doing.

After that we moved her living room furniture all around. Looks great!

Yesterday we drove around and looked at some beautiful homes in the hills and there were wild Turkeys roaming around. We ended up at Danna's Ribs and had the best food ever. We had ribs, chicken, beans, coleslaw and a baked potatoe. We brought more than half home to have for lunch today.

Today the plan is to drive up north a bit, probably 90 miles and pick up her trailer that she lent out to a friend. This way I can see more of the countryside, which happens to be beautiful; lots of trees and creeks and rivers everywhere.

It is freezing in this big house, so I take the portable heater with me to each room. Today is a sunny and cool day, yesterday was the big storm, which really wasn't bad at all.

My camera card doesn't work in this computer for some reason and I forgot to bring my USB connection for my camera, so the blogs will be without pictures, unless I use some of Leah's pictures.

She did capture some good shots of me when I jumped out of the car to get a closer look at the wild turkeys. I climbed up a small hill, which happened to be really rocky and when I got to the top, the damned turkeys started gobbling really loud and flew straight up into the air. I thought they were attacking me and I almost fell backwards down the hill. Scared the s--t out of me.

Then trying to climb down that hill wasn't so easy, so I walked across it a bit trying to find a not-so-steep area. Finally I just ran down the hill and ended up in a riverbed of wet red clay. Good thing I had on my waterproof Hush Puppies boots, because they were covered top and bottom with red clay, which happened to look just like dog poop. I used rocks to try to scrape off the clay, but didn't do such a good job.

Luckily Leah had some Pendaflex folders in her car and I put one on the floor and kept my feet still on it. I finally had to wash them in the bathtub later to get the clay off.

So today will be another adventure I am sure, and I'll let you all know about it later. Our plan is to hit the road to California on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on Leah's paperwork and stuff.

Adios, Kathy

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Shannon Olson said...

Sounds like a wild time! miss you guys