Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to Missouri

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I will be flying to Las Vegas. From there I catch a plane on Allegiant Airlines to Springfield MO. Leah will be picking me up at the airport and we will be hanging at her home for a few days.

Then - we are driving to California, going to see the land. Leah, me, 2 pug dogs and a cat. I feel like Granny Clampett. Leah said that she already attached my rocking chair to the roof of the Explorer.

Dad is sending me his Route 66 maps, so we can pull off of I-40 to check out some remains of the old road.

I drove up to Seattle a few years back, and have driven to Utah and to Phoenix. Other than those places I really haven't spent much time exploring the good ol' USA.

In June, Shannon and I will be heading East to spend a week in NYC, Cape Cod and Boston. Now is the time to see it all. Who knows where we will all be next year!!! Or, if we could afford a trip.
Airfare is really low right now, so if you're thinking about traveling, now is the time. Helping to keep the economy flowing.

No pictures this time, but when I get home, I'll do a blog of the "Great Missouri Adventure".


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