Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was in my computer class at "Mt. San Antonio College", the one that was closed due to power outage. My class is in one of the older buildings, luckily single level. I felt the shake and the whole building was moving, so I screamed "Earthquake" and ran out the door. The students were all shocked and not panicked like me, so they gathered their bags and stuff and slowly got out. Hell... I was already in a clearing, away from all buildings. I had the instructor go back in and get my stuff for me. The light poles were swaying and the ground kept moving for what seemed like forever. There was one young man who was pretty rattled.

Bad thing is that everyone was working on their final projects, due on Thursday and the computers all shut down, so if you didn't save recently, all your recent work is gone. Save, Save, Save; my new motto.

I went directly to Bob's house in Montclair. I had to backtrack because Holt was closed down by the fire department. Bob's house had a few things messed up, pictures are crooked and some glass things fell and broke from the collectible cabinets. Not bad at all.

At home the pictures on the walls are all crooked and smaller ones fell over. No damage.

So now I need to earthquake proof the house, get the earthquake preparedness kit ready, and have a beer.

Adios, Kathy

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Lacey said...

omg this post cracked me up. im just picturing you running out of the class yelling earthquake! that was a big one though, i know i was scared too!