Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't talk about it - Just Do It!

That's my new motto for Carl F. and Donnie. Too much talk, not enough action - Just Do It!

Carl and I went to Full-Bore today to gather with the 777 Bonneville team and fire up the roadster in preparation for Speedweek.

This is Donnie McNeil, trying on the car for size.
Not a good fit.

Here are some video clips of the event.

Dennis getting in the car and firing it up.

As we were driving home, we noticed a plume of smoke...
A car had caught fire at the side of the 57 North in the canyon. Well, the whole hillside was in flames and all the fire units were just arriving. Luckily there wasn't any wind yet.

The traffic was really slow but we weren't stopped at all.

It burned some low brush and bushes.

The flames were right alongside the freeway.

We So that's our Saturday, now Carl is watching the NASCAR race.
I'll be frying some fish for dinner.


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