Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Parade

Update on this blog: I thought I had a picture of the Calvary Baptist Float.
Here is the Perrin Family, and Cathy P.

It's Independence Day here in the good ol' USA. So me and the girls, Rondi, Teresa and Cathy, headed out early to the Bagelry to grab a bagel and cup of coffee (actually cokes because it's way too hot for coffee) before watching the annual La Verne 4th of July Parade. We sat and ate for about an hour, then Rondi left to attend to something (I already forgot what) and Teresa, Cathy and I walked down D Street to the start of the parade.

Of course we know people participating in the parade (it's a small town), so we stopped to chat with friends on their floats. Calvary Baptist Church and School had about 3 or 4 floats. One of the floats was manned by the Perrin Family. (sorry to say, but the video I took of you guys did not come out, because that's when my batteries wore out and I had to replace them, oops!) I saw Laura McConnahey, who asked how Shannon was, so I told her.

Here is some video and some pictures of the parade.

That's me with Miss La Verne in the background in the car.
A great finish to a fun morning... free watermelon!

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Shannon Olson said...

Wow it looks like you guys had a great time!!! loads of fun!