Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend with Ryder

Carl and I decided to take baby Ryder for the weekend. I picked him up from Amanda at Leah's house on Friday evening. Leah and Tom got to help feed him. I think the plum was not such a good idea, I'm still paying in the diaper department.

So today, Saturday, feels like it's been a 40 hour day. I'm exhausted. I put him to bed and now I just want to take a bath and relax. I haven't moved this much in years. I don't think I sat still today for longer than a 5 minute spread. Wow, no wonder women don't have kids at this age, not a good idea for anyone thinking about it.

Here are two video clips of Ryder in action.

I put him in my rolling gardeners seat, we went back and forth across the patio at least 30 times. That was my workout. Then Lili jumped in with him and rode for a while. She jumped out before Carl could snap a photo. They were squashed but had fun.

Ryder in the gardener's seat.

Lili was very patient with Ryder, his finger went directly to her eyeball each time.

I'll be taking him home tomorrow morning. I'll need at least half a day to recouperate. Carol - I don't know how you do it!!!! And Shannon too, but you're young, you can handle it. Amanda has her hands full. Ryder is like having 2 kids heading in different directions. But I love him and really enjoy his sweet little personality. It will be fun watching him grow up.


Shannon Olson said...

looks like a crazy weekend!

Shannon Olson said...

looks like a crazy weekend! Ryder is soooo cute!

Lacey said...

oh man that looks like a lot of work! very cute pictures and video!

Amanda said...

Man he is like having two kids!! He is a gemini!