Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roadster Show and Museum

The "Show" is in town, the Grand National Roadster Show, at the Fairplex, just down the street. Carl and I, and my brother, Carl, decided to spend the day at the show and also attend a special event at the museum in the evening.

Art Chrisman's Hustler 1.

Art Chrisman's #25 Dragster.

Mr. Kenny Hoover and the ex-Roy Fjastad Streamliner on Spectre Products Steroids. This is dad's old streamliner, rebuilt to the max. It went 415 at Bonneville in October 2010, with a Cadillac motor.

Amir Rosenbaum owns and drives this magnificent machine.

Inside the roadster show, we marveled at some trippy vehicles. Ed Roth's creation.

Loved this truck, twinkle lights on the floor around it.

I photographed this for Lacey's boy, Dean. He loves hot rods.

Look!! One of Roy Jr's tshirts = West Coast Street Rods.

This beauty went 304.+ MPH at Bonneville. I guess I shouldn't worry about the short wheelbase in Carl's new roadster. = o

1934 Hiboy Ford Roadster - Davidson Beck Cummins

Just liked the look of those shiney rears.

A gold nugget!

Radical Hot Rod! must click on this photo, to enlarge 2 x to see up close.

Jack Chrisman Model A Sedan, restored by Jim Travis.

The Chrisman Coupe.

The Chrisman #25 car.

The Hustler 1.

The Beast - fully restored by Dr. Mark Brinker. This is the car that Art Chrisman drove to get into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club.

Later that evening, 6 pm to be exact, a special event was held inside the museum, by invitation only. Bill Lindig, the gentleman who purchased the #25 Car and the Hustler 1 from Art Chrisman, generously donated both cars to the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum. He wants them to be available for all to enjoy when they visit the museum. A presentation took place, along with food and drinks. Art could not attend, so I made a video for him to view the next day.
I took it to him on Saturday and he loved it. So glad he was able to see how much everyone loves him.

The presentation.

More of the presentation.
Look here.... Pete and Jake (actually Jake and Pete).

It was a special day and evening. I'm so lucky to be a part of all this. I have so many hot rodding friends that I only see every year or two, and it's always so good to see everyone.

Monday, January 24, 2011

This 'n That

It's Monday night and I just finished watching the Bachelor, my favorite show. Tuesday night is watercolor class and here is last weeks painting. I put the final touches on it tonight while watching TV.

Saturday was "work on the race car" day at dad's shop. Here I am in between Julian and Jarmo, lucky for me the wide angle lens makes me look really small. Ha Ha. Photo by Heikki.

This is Janne Kutja from Finland. He's on tour here with Heikki, better known as Heinekin. Janne is a fine artist and showed me his portfolio of hot rod art. This is his first time to California. You can see his art at

The front suspension was mounted to the car today, then off to the Red Hill Diner for lunch.

Pat, Dennis, Jarmo and Heinekin.

Roy's 'splaining things to them.

A pair of Fins.

The Full-Bore Button grooving machine.

Toy car made by Butch from Bonneville. A treasured hand-made hotrod, proudly displayed on the Full-Bore counter.
That's it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girls Gone Bloggin'

Four cute cousins have started a new blog "Girls Gone Bloggin". This is a way to communicate the daily adventures in their lives.

Follow them......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lili visits the Beauty Parlor

Lili was in need of a bath, haircut and nails trimmed. I saw on Facebook that Tom (Leah's son) was working at a dog salon as a bather-nail-gland-guy and is training to groom dogs. He was looking for practice customers so I took Lili there today for a groom.
This is Lili before.

Here they are! Tom and Lili.

She's groomed perfectly. Looks like a puppy again.

Tom was so gentle with her, she was his first. They'll always have a bond.

If you're looking for a groomer in Tustin area, let me know and I'll hook you up.

She looks good for an old dog - 14 1/2 years old.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art Class

Watercolor class is back in session. Tonight was free paint, so I took a photo from Anna's blog and painted from it. This is Castle Point Lighthouse, located in the very southmost part of the North Island, New Zealand. I had admired the photo since she put it up, so I borrowed it.

I've been working on websites, did the 2011 updates for La Verne Cool Cruise .
I turned the big "55" on Sunday!! Yikes!! We had pizza and beer at the local sports bar with the group from the 'hood. Great fun.

Tomorrow is Mexican lunch at the Little Onion with dad and the group from Santa Ana. Kenny Hoover will ride down with me and Carl. Brother, Carl, will be there too.
How's that for excitement?? Woooo Hoooo!!
Adios, Kathy

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the old, 2010 - In with the new, 2011

Christmas is over! Yay! We did have a very nice Christmas day. Dad and brother, Carl, came over to our house. I made the full turkey dinner. I bought the turkey just before leaving for New Zealand, I just can't pass up the discount price on turkeys at Thanksgiving. We had a really pleasant evening, discussing all of the world problems and solving very few.

On Wednesday (29th) Carl and Lili and I left for Pismo Beach to ring in the New Year. This has become a tradition for us, joining our neighbors, the Britt family. They have been going to Pismo for either Christmas or New Years for ten years or so. We decided to join them a few years ago and we're hooked.

We found a nice motel on the water that allows pets. The entire motel is full of dogs, but it's very clean and nice, no poopies anywhere. Our room was a small one with a double bed. We stayed one night in that room with Lili sleeping between us. Between the snoring (Carl) and the panting (Lili) I had an extremely bad first night sleep.

We went to the Britt's room, overlooking the water, with a full kitchen.... Well! I immediately went to the front desk and upgraded us to the same size room, but without the view. Our accommodations were perfect from that point on.
This is the view from their room, the sun setting on Thursday night.
It must be a great surfing spot, there were plenty of surfers.

Thursday night was our "Jocko's" dinner night. An 84 year old Santa Maria-style steakhouse in Nipomo, with a bar full of locals, cowboys, families. The drinks are way too strong, I had to dilute mine after sipping it down a bit. The meats are perfectly cooked over an oak wood pit BBQ. They melt in your mouth....
Carl and Brandie were lucky enought to snag a couple of bar stools, but that meant they had to order drinks for the rest of us.

Stephanie and Sean, lovie dovie =).

The big drawback of the evening was.... we waited 3 hours for our table. We had reservations for 7:30, arrived at 7:00 to start early at the bar, never sat down until 10 pm. By then we were all starved, and drunk, and I was a little beligerant (so was Joni for that matter).

We didn't eat until almost 11 pm. But.. I must say, the food was delicious as usual. Next time we're going to make our reservations for 5 pm; be the first ones there. The problem was that the large parties before us didn't want to leave. We were about all ready to go pull them out of their chairs.

The happy group, seated and awaiting the big meal.

I finally took two forks and shredded my placemat in frustration. Then ordered a Corona.

Now I'm happy.

Lili had such a great time in Pismo. She's suddenly just like a young dog. She walked for miles up and down the beach. She hasn't moved that much in years. Something about the sand and the birds and the fresh air inspires her.

Here's our new room, so nice.

A kitchen, fresh coffee, a fridge instead of a cooler.

Friday, New Year's Eve, we headed to the beach for the big fire and fun. It was pretty cold and breezy. Sean and Neil built a warm fire and kept it going until about 10:30, when we all decided to go to our warm hotel rooms.

Carl and me, burrrrrr.

Brandie hosted the wood, thanks Brandie. I was a designated driver so I didn't drink. Nobody had too much, just enough for some pretty good laughs. We made S'mores, hosted by Cathy and Tim Peron. Thanks C & T.
Another wonderful adventure in Pismo, was had by all. A great way to say good-bye to a year and welcome in a new year. There was friendship, laughter, good food, cocktails, all in a beautiful central California coastal town. I can't wait for next year. We will make it up there before that.
A healthy and happy 2011 to all.