Monday, January 24, 2011

This 'n That

It's Monday night and I just finished watching the Bachelor, my favorite show. Tuesday night is watercolor class and here is last weeks painting. I put the final touches on it tonight while watching TV.

Saturday was "work on the race car" day at dad's shop. Here I am in between Julian and Jarmo, lucky for me the wide angle lens makes me look really small. Ha Ha. Photo by Heikki.

This is Janne Kutja from Finland. He's on tour here with Heikki, better known as Heinekin. Janne is a fine artist and showed me his portfolio of hot rod art. This is his first time to California. You can see his art at

The front suspension was mounted to the car today, then off to the Red Hill Diner for lunch.

Pat, Dennis, Jarmo and Heinekin.

Roy's 'splaining things to them.

A pair of Fins.

The Full-Bore Button grooving machine.

Toy car made by Butch from Bonneville. A treasured hand-made hotrod, proudly displayed on the Full-Bore counter.
That's it.

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