Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roadster Show and Museum

The "Show" is in town, the Grand National Roadster Show, at the Fairplex, just down the street. Carl and I, and my brother, Carl, decided to spend the day at the show and also attend a special event at the museum in the evening.

Art Chrisman's Hustler 1.

Art Chrisman's #25 Dragster.

Mr. Kenny Hoover and the ex-Roy Fjastad Streamliner on Spectre Products Steroids. This is dad's old streamliner, rebuilt to the max. It went 415 at Bonneville in October 2010, with a Cadillac motor.

Amir Rosenbaum owns and drives this magnificent machine.

Inside the roadster show, we marveled at some trippy vehicles. Ed Roth's creation.

Loved this truck, twinkle lights on the floor around it.

I photographed this for Lacey's boy, Dean. He loves hot rods.

Look!! One of Roy Jr's tshirts = West Coast Street Rods.

This beauty went 304.+ MPH at Bonneville. I guess I shouldn't worry about the short wheelbase in Carl's new roadster. = o

1934 Hiboy Ford Roadster - Davidson Beck Cummins

Just liked the look of those shiney rears.

A gold nugget!

Radical Hot Rod! must click on this photo, to enlarge 2 x to see up close.

Jack Chrisman Model A Sedan, restored by Jim Travis.

The Chrisman Coupe.

The Chrisman #25 car.

The Hustler 1.

The Beast - fully restored by Dr. Mark Brinker. This is the car that Art Chrisman drove to get into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club.

Later that evening, 6 pm to be exact, a special event was held inside the museum, by invitation only. Bill Lindig, the gentleman who purchased the #25 Car and the Hustler 1 from Art Chrisman, generously donated both cars to the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum. He wants them to be available for all to enjoy when they visit the museum. A presentation took place, along with food and drinks. Art could not attend, so I made a video for him to view the next day.
I took it to him on Saturday and he loved it. So glad he was able to see how much everyone loves him.

The presentation.

More of the presentation.
Look here.... Pete and Jake (actually Jake and Pete).

It was a special day and evening. I'm so lucky to be a part of all this. I have so many hot rodding friends that I only see every year or two, and it's always so good to see everyone.


Shannon Olson said...

Looks like a great event!

Lacey said...

Very cool post! Dean loved all the cars, and the sign is way cool! That was such a nice video you made for Art =)

Susan said...

Wow what great cars. My husband and my grandson would go absolutely nuts over looking at those cars. You made me smile this morning. Thanks for letting me visit.