Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art Class

Watercolor class is back in session. Tonight was free paint, so I took a photo from Anna's blog and painted from it. This is Castle Point Lighthouse, located in the very southmost part of the North Island, New Zealand. I had admired the photo since she put it up, so I borrowed it.

I've been working on websites, did the 2011 updates for La Verne Cool Cruise http://www.coolcruise.net/ .
I turned the big "55" on Sunday!! Yikes!! We had pizza and beer at the local sports bar with the group from the 'hood. Great fun.

Tomorrow is Mexican lunch at the Little Onion with dad and the group from Santa Ana. Kenny Hoover will ride down with me and Carl. Brother, Carl, will be there too.
How's that for excitement?? Woooo Hoooo!!
Adios, Kathy


Anna said...

I LOVE IT!!! My aunt, who is also an artist, is painting one of our photos too! :) We could start a wall of fame in our house!

Shannon Olson said...

Mom that painting is great!!! You should make a scan copy of it and send it to Anna, so she can have some art on her walls. The picture of you is a good one as well you don't look a day over 30!
Love you

beeswax said...

Hi girls,
I sent Anna a full-res copy that she can print from. And, thanks for the compliment, very sweet (30), don't I wish. Naaa, I wouldn't change a thing in my life, except -- to have my daughter back in California.
MOM - Mrs. O