Monday, April 26, 2010

Roy's 75th - PART TWO

I've been receiving some really great pictures of the party from friends, so I decided to put them on my blog for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for checking out the blog, I've had over 200 hits since I put up the first Roy's 75th Birthday Party blog (scroll down to the next blog post to see that one).

These first 6 were taken by Pete C. Here is Art in his "Engine Laboratory".

Carl O. mastering the Margarita.

Roy with the guys.

Terry Hegman's car.

The next photographs are courtesy of Bo Bertilsson, the famous Swedish photographer. =)
Carol and Pete just arriving.

Jim Travis and Roy.

Phill Whetstone, Dave Gorges and Terry Hegman.

Roy Jr's West Coast Street Rods '32 Sedan.

Roy asked everyone to sign the inside panels of the car.

Thom Taylor, slipping into Roy's newly purchased project dragster.

Like a big kid on the bumper cars at the carnival.

Gary and Wayne (car owners) with Roy and Donnie.

Bobby and Dawna gave him a really nice plaque commemorating Roy's 75th.

Lynne brought the delicious cakes. We ate almost all of it.

Taco Chihuahua, the best Mexican catering!

Brother, Carl (Deuce Frame Company), chowing down on some good Mexican food.

Dennis Roth (Ed Roth's son, of course) trying to beg another margarita from CO.

Mix Master, CVO.

Me and Dawna, with Steve Gibbs. Bo, you caught me with my mouth full, which is most of the time.

We couldn't have ordered better weather.

It looks like Jerry Magnuson and Hardy Allen are talking some serious BS.

GreatGrandKid, Ryder's favorite toy at the shop.

Party later at Roy's, he got some killer Tequila as a gift.

Greg Peterson signing the birthday board.

Sam and Kathy Davis. (they made the birthday board.)

First car is Phill Whetstone's.

Hardy and ?

Roy, Jr. and Roy, Sr.
Dorothy Chrisman in the pink sweater, the Kugel's to her right, then Dan Warner and Kenny Hoover. Across from Dorothy is Bob Anderson, one of the original "Outrider's" of Huntington Beach.
Kristen (Carl Fjastad's daughter) and Jarmo, in coordinating fashion.
Lighting it up!

Carl Olson behind the mask.

A happy group after a loud running of the Wiebe car. See the video at the end of the blog.

Carol is not leaving without her cake.

Don "The Beachcomber" Johnson, Thom Taylor, Pat Kinne and Bill Pitts.

Mike Chrisman and son, Mikie, with Steve Davis.

Another serious conversation, Jerry K and Jerry M.

Now for the important part, lighting the candles on the cake. Me and sis-in-law Kathleen (yes there is another Kathleen Fjastad) working as a team.

Roy cutting the cake.

Gloria needed some sugar after all that dancing she did.

Larry Wagner and ?

The beautiful dragster.

And now video of the party....
Bill Pitts put up a great video on U-Tube ----

Thanks again for looking. And thank you all for sending me your pictures.


Shannon Olson said...

Looks like you guys had a great time I am jelous and sad I missed it! I especially like the picture of Carol ready to bite right into that cup cake yum yum!

dana g said...

What an amazing party. The food was great, and margies too, and the company couldn't be beat. If it wasn't for Roy, I might have not fallen in love with the smell of nitro.

Thanks for sharing.

We love you,

Steve, Dana, and Sophia