Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Last Couple of Weeks

I'm going to post the most recent first, since that's the way the pictures uploaded. It's way too hard to try and rearrange pictures on this Google Blog.
Today (Sunday), the gang from the hood; the geezer gang plus young Sean, all went to watch an old Steam Engine pass through our neighborhood on its way to Union Station. It's a restored engine from 1927 and it's really awesome. There were quite a number of people, foamers as they are called, who sat along the tracks with us, waiting for the 5 seconds of thrill.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube of the train.

On Friday I met Amanda for lunch and gathered up little Ryder, so he could spend the night at our house while Amanda and Keith went out for Keith's birthday. We all had lunch at Souplantation in Brea, then Ryder and I headed home. We stopped along the way at Brackett Field, the local airport in La Verne, and watched the planes and helicopters take-off and land. The airport built a little park area with shade and tables to sit at and watch, and even a couple of park type ride on airplanes for the little kids. Ryder loves airplanes and really would like to go up in one. After that we stopped at the train station in La Verne, waited about 20 minutes with another little boy and his mother, who were also waiting just to see the train go by. That is a huge thrill for Ryder and he wants to take another train ride. Next time.

We went home and he played with his toys and tormented Lili. I warned him that he was going to get bit if he didn't stop. Devilish smile here.
Loves riding his bike and our patio is the perfect place, just like a race track.
On Saturday we went to Claremont park after breakfast. He played with his soccer ball in the tennis courts, until two guys came to play tennis. I pushed him on the swings and he played with his hot wheels cars on the slide. I finally had to leave when some crazy-ass woman with a bully kid started talking politics to me. Some people just do not know when to "put a sock in it" and shut the duck up. I was actually irritated all day from that damn woman.
We headed south towards Huntington Beach, stopping at Brea Fire Dept to visit the open house I found on the internet. It was great! So many little kids and their parents touring the fire station, fire trucks, helicopter. They handed out goodies to the kids, balloons, fireman hat, badge, erasers, cookies, punch. I hit the goldmine there. Ryder was in heaven. He was also tired I had to wake him up from a nap in the car, so he was a little edgy.
This kid really wants to go up in a helicopter. Maybe when he's 5 we can take him for his birthday.
He got to sit on an antique fire truck.

After that I drove him home and we said a very teary goodbye.

To go further back in time to last Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo, I went to dad's to have Mexican lunch with the guys. Some interesting clouds.

Art's customer, Sidney, going for a ride in his newly updated hot rod, with a loud motor.

T-Bucket on top, and Art Arfons' Green Monster below and behind.

The Green Monster.

Two weeks before, Betty and I took a ride to Forest Lawn in Glendale. She wanted to find her grandparent's graves to order a marker for them. Luckily she only has to order one, as one was there already. So I stopped by to say hi to my grandparents.

I was also able to locate my great-grantparents graves. These are my dad's grantparents.

So that was some of what I did these last two weeks. Oh ya, can't forget last night!!! We went to a roller derby game at the Fairplex with Rondi and Neil. That was a hoot. They are playing again next Saturday and we will be taking Shannon there with us.
Shannon arrives on Friday and we are so excited to see her and spend some quality time together. I'd better get all of my work done now.
Ta Ta, Kathy


Shannon Olson said...

That was a great blog! I love seeing how big Ryder is getting I miss him!

Lacey said...

Looks like you are up to a bunch of fun! You found all kinds of cool stuff to do with Ryder. I cannot believe people get into convos like that while you are just trying to play at a park, what the heck. See ya Sunday!