Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roy's 75th Birthday Party

On Saturday, dad turned 75 years old. Roy and Carl and Lynne and I, plus the kids all planned a birthday party for him at the shop. It started as a family party plus a few of his closest friends. Then the list started growing. There were so many people from dad's past and current friends who were all invited, and if we overlooked someone, they contacted us because they heard about the upcoming event.

So the big day finally arrived and we all met up at 9 am to start setting up. First, dad opened a gift from Shannon, a painting she did and mailed to me from new Zealand. Here is video of him opening the gift.

Pat Kinne set up a small racing museum, with all of his preserved SPE memorabilia and great old pictures. Everyone loved it and spent a lot of time there looking it over.

Notice that on the lower right side of all of my pictures, it's blurred. That is because last week, in Las Vegas, something (Margarita) was spilled on my lens. I didn't realize it until after the party. Suck - big - time! Luckily there were many people taking pictures, so hopefully they will all share with me. Lacey already sent me some, below, those would be the clear ones.
Here is brother Roy with his new '32 2-door Sedan.

Roy gave dad that nice framed magazine story about dad to the right. Shannon's painting was hung to the left of Roy.

Grandpa loved the painting Shannon!!!!

Surprise #2 was when Gary and Wayne drove in with the restored John Wiebe car, one that dad built originally back in the 1960's. He was so thrilled to see how beautiful and correct it was. Thank you Gary and Wayne. Later on they fired it up.
A very happy birthday boy.

Hardy Allen with dad and Roy Jr.

Cruz, who works for Art Chrisman, was the DJ for the party. His niece, April, was a great little helper.

Lacey and Lynne setting up the tables.

Me next to Roy's car.

Pat Kinne and dad.

Lynne and dad.

Grandson, Erik, with grandpa and Erik's new puppy, Suzie.

Lisa and Suzie and Lacey taking a picture.
Me, hogging the microphone, wishing dad a happy birthday.
Pat wishing a happy birthday to Roy.
Roy Jr. and dad.
Son, Carl, dad and Hank Westmoreland.
Just like Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Chrisman sang "Happy Birthday" to Roy.

Terri and her dad, Donnie McNeil.

Pete and Carol drove down in the hiboy.

Bartender, Carl Olson, was so busy making margaritas with his "Margarator". I don't think the machine ever stoppped.

The "Great Grand Boys", Ryder and Dean. They had a large time.

Carol and Carl.

Painter Phill, Terry Hegman and Dave Gorges.

Granddaughter, Amanda standing in the food line behind her friend, Brandie.

Jim Travis and Dorothy in the lunch line. The lunch was catered by Taco Chihuahua: The Best Ever!

Me and Carl.

Dennis "Lil Daddy" Roth and his friend.

Hot Rods lined up in front of Full-Bore.

The Wiebe car, ready to be lit up.

Don Johnson, Hank Westmoreland, Steve Davis, Spider Razon, and Roy Fjastad.

Carl (my husband) started the Wiebe car. It was loud and the guests loved it. Roy, Jr. helping Carl out of the car. The SPE dragster in the back was recently purchased by brother, Roy, so that he could have an original car that dad had built back in the old days.

Mike Kuhl is the engine guy who makes Cackle cars cackle...

An original "Roy Car" smile axle.

Roy with Wayne and Gary, the car owners, and Mike Kuhl.

Gloria Gibbs and Judy Kugel sharing conversations while enjoying Margaritas. Thom Taylor in the background.

Lynne, Sophia, Dana and Dad.

Butch Maas, Mike Kuhl, Steve Gibbs, Jerry Magnuson - having some birthday cake.

Bonneville driver and 200 MPH Club member, Dennis McNeil reads the poster card that everyone signed. Sam Davis created it.

Sam Davis and Roy.

Sophia on Grandpa's scooter.

Dean on the scooter.

Art Chrisman with Carl.

Steve Davis, Art Chrisman, Carl Olson and Fats (McKay)

Ryder "thinking"

The Fjastad grandkids. Kristen and Lacey, Roy, Erik and Amanda. Missing are Shannon and Grant.

Me, Nick, Brandon and Kristen. Nick belongs to Kristen, Brandon is married to Lacey.

Jarmo, Roy and Julian Alvarez.

Roy with long time friend, Jerry Magnuson.

The Racing Geezer table.

Frank Genco and Roy worked at Chassis Research for Scotty Fenn back in the old days 1959-1960. Dick Holt also worked there with them, but he already left the party before I could take their picture together.

Roy and Steve Gibbs.
Carl, dad, Me and Roy.

The girls, Kathleen, me Kristen, Lacey and Lisa (it was her birthday also, same day)

The Bonneville Guys! Dan Warner, Roy, Pat Kinne and Jim Miller.

Dad's old business partner and friend Curt Hamilton drove all the way up from the Valley to wish him happy birthday. The party was just about over, but he came anyway. Thanks Curt.

Gloria Gibbs and I danced to "Louie Louie".

The party's over, Dean is the last man standing.

My gift to dad is a book I put together of his life, the first half anyway. I will continue on the project and add the rest. If you want to look at it go to and search for the title "Roy, Roy, Roy". You can view it online and you can also purchase a copy for yourself. I don't make money on it, so I'm not pushing anyone to buy it. It came out pretty good, I must say.
This party was the event of the year for me. Thank you everyone for all your help and for coming out and celebrating Roy's 75th Birthday.


Betty said...

You did a great job on a special party.

Lacey said...

The party was great Kathy, you did such a good job putting everything together.

Anna said...

Kathy - Momager, International layover bed and breakfast, website delevopler, etc,etc, etc...and now party planner! Looks like great fun!