Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Happens in Las Vegas......

Leah and I decided to meet in Las Vegas for a few days. We just wanted to get away and spend some time together and have some fun. In the past, we've both been so busy with kids, dogs, and all the other stuff life throws at you. I arrived at 12:40 pm and she was to arrive at 2:40 pm on Thursday. As soon as I got my luggage my cell phone rang. Leah was still in Missouri and the plane was broken. So they were going to wait for another plane to fly in from Las Vegas, then put them all on the plane and send them back, so it should have been a 4 hour delay.

I decided that I would go to the hotel and check in and take a nap while I waited. She called again around 4:00 and the plane hadn't even left Las Vegas yet.

In the room waiting for Leah to arrive.

I took a nap, then I decided to wait in the bar for her. She called me when the plane landed, then she still had a 3 hour flight to get to Vegas.

I went to the Times Square Bar in New York, New York Hotel where we are staying. It's a dueling Piano bar. People were drinking and having a large time. I sat at at bar stool, enjoyed 2 free drinks that came with the room reservation, strong I might add. All of the sudden, the old gentleman across the room at the bar, either fell off his bar stool or stood up, then fell. I watched him fall face first onto the wood floor. I thought he had dropped dead. I started yelling at the bartender over the loud music. "Dial 911" The bartender said the other bartender already called for security. I said, call the paramedics, not security. So the old hotel security guys come, slowly.

By then some patrons rolled the old guy over and felt for a pulse. He was breathing, but unconscious. The security guys pulled some rubber gloves out of their red rolling duffle bag and took forever to put them on their hands. God forbid, they might get some dead-guy on them. I kept saying, "Where the hell are the paramedics?" It took 15 minutes and finally the paramedics arrived. Do not have a heart attack at New York, New York hotel, because you will not make it! They ended up putting him on a gurnie and wheeling him out, he never did come to. All I could say is "Leah.... you are missing all of the excitement."

Leah called me around 10 pm from Las Vegas airport, her plane had arrived. I waited in front of the hotel for Leah's taxi to arrive. She got there at 10:30, finally!!
She's here! 8 hours late.

I'm outside in front of the hotel waiting for Leah to arrive.

The lights on the ceiling outside the hotel.

The next day we got up bright and early and had coffee in the cafe near the elevators. We stayed in when she got there the night before and went to bed. The uniform for the day on Friday was green and black.

We walked the entire strip on Friday. The weather could not have been any nicer, around 70 degrees and sunny. Beautiful.

We walked next door to the Monte Carlo hotel and boarded the tram to City Center, Aria and Bellagio.

The tram to the Aria and Bellagio.

The Gardens in the Bellagio are so pretty. Perfect flowers and sculptures.

Video of Bellagio Gardens


A large frog covered in flowers.

Mushrooms larger than people. (fake of course)

We ate at the buffet in the Bellagio and it is delicious. Then we walked over to Ceasars Palace.

Ceasar and Cleopatra
Here Leah is posing with some of Cher's costumes.

We walked the entire strip, ending up at the Wynn bar. The Wynn is so classy and rich looking inside.

I had 42 Below Kiwi with Tonic and Leah had a Colorado Bulldog.

Actually we each had 2. We walked slowly back to our hotel and didn't get in until 8:30 at night. People were just starting to come out in their party clothes and we were dragging our butts back through the crowds, like swimming upstream. Leah wore some painful sandals and by the last few blocks she took her shoes off and walked barefoot. The bottom of her feet were black. Finally we stopped at a CVS pharmacy and she found some flip-flops for $7.99, but her feet were too dirty to put them on, so she continued to our hotel barefoot. She's tough.

That night was over for us. We turned in early and tired and sore. The next day, Saturday, we had some oatmeal for breakfast at the cafe below, then walked to the City Center and the Aria Hotel and Casino. We did come gambling at the Aria so we could pretend that we were rich. Did not win! But did get a couple of free drinks each and a MGM Mirage Players Club card from the Aria. Every time we gambled, we would put the card into the machine first so we could get credit.

Big deal, 5 credits!!!

The Aria is something to see. I'm in front of the candy store, of course, holding my free Corona.

Leah inside the candy store. Very expensive candy.
Aria Hotel.

The Crystal Mall

Cartier Jewelers

Those are ice thingy's.

Crystal Mall in City Center

This is a restaurant that looks like a big birds nest.

We made our way back to Ceasars Palace and then to the Palm Restaurant in the Forum for lunch. Great food.

On the way back to our hotel we watched the "Spring Break" crowd partying and dancing at the pool at the Monte Carlo.

Last night in Las Vegas and we had to force ourselves to get dressed and hit the casino and bars one last time. First went to Coyote Ugly for Margaritas. Not a good place to party, way too crowded.

So we ended up at the Times Square bar, where I first started out and had fun listening to the dueling pianos.

For dinner, around 10 pm we shared a Nathan's hot dog and a carmel apple with nuts. Hit the sack by 10:30. Got up at 5 am and caught a cab to the airport by 6 am. I made it home on time, Carl was there to pick me up at 9:45 am. I sure hope Leah made it home!!!!

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awesome post Kathy! That really sucks she got there so late but at least you went out still. I love all the videos.