Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Community Christmas Crawl III

Saturday night was our 3rd annual crawl, which is a progressive dinner with about 20 to 25 people. The first 2 years we went to 4 houses and this year we decided to cut it down to 3. There's just not enough time to move 4 times. Everyone wore their Christmas sweater and brought their festive drinking glass.
We started off at Joni and Brandie's for cocktails and appetizers at 5 pm. Here is Carol getting started.
Bill and Nancy (Lori's parents) with Carol in the middle.
Nancy, Kelly, Teresa and Billie.
Carl with Cathy and Judy.
Gene and Rondi.
Pee Wee Peron (Tim)
Hi Brandie!
I was up on the ceiling when I took this shot.
Here is a video clip of the first stop.
Leaving to go to the 2nd house.
Next stop - Pete and Carol's house for the main course.
Here are the 3 amigos.
A happy Kelly with his bowl of chili and beans by Carol.
Brian is teasing Cooper.
Kelly, Cathy, Lori's back, and Nancy's head. Betty and Nancy brought salads.

Pete, Kelly and Neil - just figuring things out.

Carl and me.
Again - Carl and Me. Posing!
For dessert - we headed across the street to Neil and Rondi's house.
Dessert Video - Yum!
Even though it was freezing cold outside, people still hung out in the back yard.

Carol - enjoying the outside, until she started to freeze, then had to go in and bundle up .

The host family - Neil - Sean - Rondi.
Jack and Rondi.
It was another wonderful gathering with good friends. Sorry that Ron and Yvonne were too sick to make it, hope you're both feeling better soon. We also missed Matt and Nicole and Peter and Casey. Too many parties, too little time. That's the holidays! I sure missed you, Shannon, everyone asked about you and said to tell you hi. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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Shannon Olson said...

Great blog! It looks like you guys had a great time. I miss everyone and love you mom!=)