Monday, December 22, 2008

Art Chrisman's Christmas Party

Saturday was going to be a busy day. We planned our neighborhood party on the same day Art Chrisman was having his Christmas party. He usually holds his party on a Friday, but because it is so hard for everyone to make it through the traffic, he changed it to a Saturday. That's OK, we did both. Luckily Jules was telling everyone to be there at 2 pm, so the party started early. Art told people to be there at 5 pm, so the party was on all day. Carl and I got there at 2 pm.

Dad just moved Full-Bore to the shop next to Art's, so he was part of the party and had his doors open for guests to browse around and have a cookie. Here are some pictures of people and cars.

Mike Kuhl, Woody Gilmore, Me(Kathy), Louie Senter and Carl (my husband) Olson.

Mike Kuhl, Carl, Roy (my dad) Fjastad, and Woody Gilmore (former race car builder rivals).

One of Art's customer's cars out front.

Nice cars, especially the green one.

Carl with Louie Senter; just kids!

Roy (my brother) Fjastad with Rod and his chopper.

Inside Art's shop.

Al "Mousie" Marcellus - just arriving as we were blasting out of there for the next party.

Cool car from Iowa, with bullet holes in the back.
Roy Jr's Coupe, it's for sale! Parked in front of Full-Bore.
Dad and Carl.
Keith, Gene Barbee and dad. All Bonneville guys.
Me and my bro - Roy, in Squeak's shop.
Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen and Art Chrisman. Art is always happy.
The party went on until late into the evening with hundreds of people attending. Jules Alvarez makes delicious food and serves everyone dinner. Next year we'll stay for the entire event.


Anonymous said...

All your photos are so good they make me feel like I was actually there.

Oh, that's right, I was actually there!

Great blog, as always.


Stan Chrisman said...

Hi there. I'm Stan Chrisman. My brother and I have wondered for years if there's any relation between us all. Our families still live in Jonesboro, AR. Could explain our deep love of hot rodding. Regardless, we're big fans.