Thursday, October 16, 2008

Race Cars and Bridesmaids

Last Saturday, October 11th, I drove down to dad's shop to watch the team install the rearend into the modified. In attendance were, Pat, Mike, Donnie, Dennis, Dad, Carl F and Me. We went to lunch to the Little Onion and Phil the Painter met us there.

This time "Smile Guys" - gooood - - DENNIS!

After we finished at the shop, I drove over to Roy and Lisa's house to visit with them, before we all head out in different directions. Me to New Zealand, and Lisa to Ventura (to start a new job at Port Huenueme.

Amanda and Keith and Ryder came by to visit. Keith left right away, it's gets kinda crazy at Roy's house. Roy and Lisa are refurbishing the condo and it's almost done. Looks great guys!

Then we went to the Bridal Shop where Amanda's (the Bride) bridesmaids were waiting to try on their bridesmaid's gowns. Amanda is standing between them with a sample of the color of the dresses. They will not be in the blues.

One more time -

Lisa is talking to Roy on the cell phone and Ryder wants to say hi to him.

Don't I look so pretty!!

Next time you see this face - it will be from the land of down unda!

You can follow my blog and Shannon's too. We'll be posting our fun vacation. Remember you can click on these pictures to see them really big, zits and all.

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Lacey said...

ahahah beautiful dress poof you got there! cant wait to see all the new zealand pictures and read about the adventures