Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miramar Air Show 10-3-08

Last week, Carl and I went down to San Diego to the Miramar Air Show at the Marine Corps Air Station... His hotel, the Radisson, hosted at chalet there (a nice tent), with catered lunch and beverages, and top notch port-a-potties. I had an exciting day there. Wow!

There were so many jets, old and new and from other countries too.

First we walked around the static displays and I got a big bag of kettle corn, and ate more than half the bag. Um, so good, I just can't stop myself.

This one looks like a big shark, ready to eat you.

We walked through this huge airplane.

There was a war games presentation with helicopters, jets, tanks, bombs, fire, explosions, etc. Loud and exciting. Then this little red aerobatics plane went nuts up in the air, doing all kinds of flips, and twirls, and loops, and flying 10 feet off the ground - upside down, and talking to all of us the entire time. The man is definately wired differently.

First 3 Blue Angels taking off.

Coming from both directions. Yikes!


Mixing it up....

Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. I did. Thank you Carl for taking me, we had a fun day. Thank you Radisson for the good hospitality. Kathy

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Shannon Olson said...

Great blog! I am going to have to come back to finish watching all the videos though because there are sooo many! Looks like you guys had a fun time and its probably because today is my first day of my diet but that kettle corn looks really good! Love you!