Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Here!

I arrived in Auckland on time, however, they left my luggage in LA. They promised to deliver it to the house tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. I wonder if Shannon's underwear will fit me???

I was 3 hours early to LAX so that I could enjoy the Air NZ lounge, compliments of Anastasia. I had a snack and discovered my new favorite Vodka "42 Below" Kiwi flavor. I had time for 3 drinks and visited with a lady who was returning from New York. Her daughter moved there from NZ, we have a lot in common.

It is so good to see Shannon, she looks great, and drives like a pro.

We are off to the grocery store.

Bye for now, Kathy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YeYYYY! I've been waiting to hear from you and am glad you arrived safely. Hang on to the name of that Vodka we might need it here in Hollister and Branson.

I'll be looking forward to your pictures. It is beautiful here with all the leaf colors ranging from brilliant gold to deep red. It's great!

Have a great time.

Love, Eunice

p.s. doesn't surprise me you hit the grocery store first thing. Send pictures of the grocery store.