Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Evening

Like I said... we went to the grocery store. Look at the price of limes. Rondi you would be rich with your little tree here. $22.99 a kg, that's close to $11.00 a pound.

We went for a short walk on Ponsonby Road, stopped at a cute house for a photo op. Actually I think this is an art gallery of some sort.

We went back to the house and took a 2 hour nap. Boy I needed that. Then we had a pre-party, before we went out. I broke open my new bottle of "42 Below" Kiwi flavor. Shannon wasn't keen on it, she's not a big Vodka drinker. So I drank hers. We had chips and hummus and salsa.
About 9 pm we went out to a local bar where they had a live band. Shannon's friends, which included her main squeeze, Grant, joined us. We all danced, everyone had fun, especially me. We closed the place.

This is us in the bar, with Grants friend, Matt.
Me and Grant, dancing - if you want to call it that.

The band was really good, everyone is so casual. They played a lot of 1970's music.

Ahhhh aren't they cute together. He really likes her and visa-versa CUUUTE
Video of the band...
That was my first day, it went until 2 am. LONG DAY!
Thanks for checking in on me.
Love, Kathy and Shannon too.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog.

It looks like Shannon may have to worry about her mother stealing her boyfriend. With dance moves like that, who could resist!

Glad to see that the trip got off on the right foot. I wish I were there to party and play with the two of you.