Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday and Monday

We woke up on Sunday morning late, then hung around the house for quite a while, trying to gain composure. We ate a solid breakfast of eggs and oatmeal, still trying to absorb last nights fun.

Shannon took me on a drive to One Tree Hill, which is a huge park called Cornwall park. I shot some video of our drive through Herne Bay, the neighborhood where she lives.

When we got to the park, I couldn't believe the beautiful trees. The streets are lined with overhanging trees.

Sheep and cows roam through the park grounds. I tried to get close to sheep for a good picture.

Cows for Carol to paint.


Me sneeking up on sheep

We were way up on top of the hill overlooking the bay.


We must have walked 3 miles that day uphill and downhill. So many people were out, walking, picnicking, playing ball. It was a warm, beautiful day.

That evening was pajama party night. I brought us matching P.J.'s, Sex and the City Movie, M & M's, magazines. We watched the movie and ate the candy and went to bed by 10:30. WooHooo!

Today is Monday. We walked in the morning for about an hour, then came home and I frosted Shannon's hair for her. It's pretty blond now. Then we watched the movie "The Love Guru" thank to Brandie. We finally got cleaned up around 5 pm and drove to Mission Bay, along the Viaduct, and found a good Italian restaurant. We each had our own pizza, very tasty, and expensive. All food is expensive here, but there's no tax or tip, so it isn't as bad as it would be if you had to add that to it. After dinner we had some really good ice cream.
All dressed up.

We got home around 9 pm, and put our pink PJ's on. Tomorrow we're going to hit the road early and tour around.

Good night, I hope everyone at home has a good week.
Love, Kathy and Shannon


Anonymous said...

Another great blog. I especially liked the pajama party photo. Hot chicks for sure. Keep having fun. CARL

Anonymous said...

I am loving keeping up with your adventures! So glad you are having fun. Payback for being such a great Mom. Everything fine here. We have not had to call emergency crews to clean up after Carl. He must be doing a good job.Love to you and Shannon.