Saturday, June 14, 2008


Carl and I, and Rondi and Neil went to the So-Cal Party around 6pm. We visited with people and toured around, checking out the fine hotrods.

Carol was manning the T-shirt booth, while looking pretty.

Carl was yapping with Sam Davis, Thom Taylor in the background talking to Dennis Varni. The book signing table was very popular.

Here I am, between to hot men. Both Swedes.

What a good looking family! CUUUTE!

Emma the Artist is helping Grammy with the sales roster.

There's Nicole with her friends.

Some of the hotrods in attendance.

That's me! The shadow. Ha Ha!

We went to dinner at the Danson in Claremont. Good Food.

After dinner we met up with Betty and Brian, and Sandy and Don for a drink at a new pub called "The Back Abbey" in Claremont. Neat little bar/restaurant. The owner is Brian's chimney-sweep.

The guys were enjoying a glass of wine and conversation.

This is us in front of the Back Abbey.

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