Thursday, June 12, 2008

Around the house

I took some pictures so Shannon can see what happening at home.

Here is the peach tree at the side of the house, the peaches are almost ready, about another week. In the meantime, the birds are picking them so by the time they're ready only half will be good.

The gladiolas are starting to bloom, aren't you thrilled!
This is Lily on the floor by the couch, I thought she had croaked.

Lili was groomed yesterday, so I tried to get a picture of her, she won't hold still then she goes into the big stretch, as if to say "you just wait until I'm good and ready".

I captured her in her favorite spot, the couch. She still will not look at the camera.
Shannon, I miss our morning "Coffee" routine. I only make half a pot now. I'm looking at this picture and cannot figure out what that white thing is on top of the fridge, it looks like a glove flipping me off. Weird -- I wonder what it is.

Here's the kitchen, just so you remember what it looks like. A big cluttered mess. I think I need some more nick-nacks.

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Shannon Olson said...

Sorry I got irritatied earlier but its just soo annoying with skype and then I was trying to set it up and it takes me a second! but I miss you and Dad and LILI! It is good to see pictures of the house so I can have it fresh in my mind. Take pics when you guys go out this weekend too that way I have something to look foward to.
I love you