Sunday, June 8, 2008

Las Vegas Weekend

This weekend was Sean's 21st Birthday and also the bowling league's big event in Las Vegas, so I tagged along with my friends to join in the festivities. The team consists of Joni, Brandie (subbed by Rosalie), Lori, Sean, Kevin (turned 30 same day).

Neil and Rondi were kind enough to rent a van and tote us up there. We arrived on Friday evening and went directly to the bar and gambling. We stayed at the Gold Coast, which reminds me a lot of Wendover, NV. Same clientel and lots of smoking, but very casual, which is good. I could only stay up until 10:30, I'm old.

Saturday morning was the tournament, at the bowling alley, upstairs in the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. The team came in 6th place for the season. Lori won the big money $1200 for her superb bowling during the season.

After the event, we drove around town to locate the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for our dinner that evening. Vegas is as trafficky as ever. So many new hotels being built... it's crazy. Then we all went back and took naps.

Our dinner reservations were at 5:30 that evening. We arrived at the restaurant and met in the bar. Joni treated the group to a round of cocktails. Thanks again Joni. We enjoyed the best meal; steaks, salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans, asparagus, bread.... Needless to say we all ate until we hurt. It was delicious, Thank you Neil and Rondi, and Happy Birthday Sean and Kevin.

After returning to our hotel we walked across the street to the Palms. It was nice, everyone was very young and hip, so I felt like a geezer. We went back to our own smokey old casino and I blended right in. Sean and Jack went directly to their room after dinner (I explained the Stinkbug position to Jack) to rest. They got up at 11 or so and stayed out partying and gambling until 5am Sunday. Oh to be young again.

I did a little gambling and after losing $40 I won it back and cashed out at $48.50. I was in bed by 11 pm Saturday night.

Sunday we went to Canter's Deli at the Treasure Island and had a great lunch, then hit the road to go home. Of course I helped by giving directions, which added about 1/2 hour to our trip.

I had a wonderful weekend with good friends. The only thing that could have been better would be if Carl and Shannon were there with me. That will be another trip in a year.

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