Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

First off I'm really irritated..... I created a huge blog post with about 10 pictures and the stupid thing didn't save - now I have to do it all again. Lesson learned - save constantly - even though this blog says it saves automatically - it does not! It's always best the first time.... so here goes again.

This is the entry gate to the LA Roadster Show. The back gate. I paid the $15 to get in, but got free parking; I parked at the Museum and took the trolley to the show.

Here are the roadsters. Attendance was way down in my opinion, must be the gas prices.

I went directly to the 3 vendor booths of my 3 brothers. Roy - West Coast Street Rods, Jay - The Deuce Factory - and Carl - Deuce Frame Company. Jay was there when I arrived. He had all sorts of things for sale, parts and arts.

Carl was in La Verne at the B of A, and Rubio's - getting tacos. He showed up about 12:00. I never saw Roy, as he was in the swap meet area selling his stuff.

The artist, Tom Fritz, was behind the guys so I checked out his beautiful hotrod art. I hung out at the show for about 2 hours, saw a few people I knew, mostly people I didn't know. So many new companies I've never heard of. Not like the old days anymore.

On Sunday - Father's Day - I drove down to visit Dad and Lynne. We went to lunch at CoCo's near his house. I had the breakfast tacos, yum! Afterwards we went back to his house and I put a new virus protection software on his computer.

We found that some critter is living in his frontyard and eating all the petunias and burrowing holes in the grass. We called Bubba-the-bug-guy (Lacey's new husband), and he will come this week to ridder the critter.

Me and Dad, he's the one with the mustache and glasses.

This is my homemade Father's Day card for dad. It's a picture of the whole family at Christmas. This is the year of the recycled or homemade greeting card.

This is a picture of me and Shannon that I rescued from one of those little light boxes you hold up to the sun to see the picture. I took it out and scanned it. It's just about destroyed. This picture happened to be taken at the LA Roadster show about 22 years ago, my time flies.
So I just talked to Shannon and she's getting ready for her first "Date" in New Zealand. Of course I do the typical "mother" thing. Get his name, number, myspace, license, address, bloodtype, etc. and leave it all with Peter and Rebecca. I'm just being cautious! She just says "God!" don't you ever stop! I said - NNNOOOOOOO!
I spent the day today at Bob's, just helping out and organizing. Tomorrow, Teresa and I will both go there and get more done. Bob is Teresa's pop who needs a little extra help, and I happen to have a little extra time, so it works just fine.
That's all for now, Love, Kathy

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Shannon Olson said...

yeah that morning reminded me of hawaii! Its too bad all the pictures looked so grey because it was so much prettier in real life. I am nervous about going out tonight but I know it will be fun and if nothing else it will be something to do! Today I went I took Sybilla to jumping beans a baby play group and when we got back I was so tired after I ate I took an hour nap!