Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I started out this morning with our girls ritual - coffee at the Bagelry. Teresa, Rondi and I met there a 9 am, ordered our bagels and soda (way too hot for coffee), and discussed the latest happenings.
I went home and got ready for Lacey's baby shower, to be held in Anaheim at 1 pm. It was held in a rec room at the condo complex of Brandon's Aunt.

Here are Kathleen's mom, Lacey, Kristen and their cousin Candice.

Kristen and Lacey preparing the food, delish!

Grandma Lisa, Ryder and Great-Grandma Pat.

Lacey and Charlene in the background.

The party guests.
There were so many gifts. The baby is set for the first year.

Amanda, Lisa, Ryder and Grandma Pat.
Lacey - you don't even look pregnant from this angle.

We played games - one of them was to see how many balloons you could fit under your clothes. Amanda fit 4 balloons, one was in the back.
A very clever idea; Brandon's aunt set up a table where everyone was able to create a page for the baby book, using Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies.

Here is one of the pages that Pat made - Cute!

It took about an hour to open all the gifts. Kristen was her assitant, writing a list of gifts.
Ryder was having fun, running around.
Candice pitched in to help with the opening of the gifts.
One of the gifts included a swimming pool, that kept Ryder busy for a little while.
It was a fun shower and I'm so happy that Lacey got just about everything she needs to bring home the baby. It was good to see so many people I haven't see in a while.
That's all for now. I'm starting school tomorrow - Photoshop - for the 4th time. But I have to have this particular class to go on to a web design class I want to take in the Fall.
Adios, Kathy


Shannon Olson said...

Yay the pictures finally showed up! It looks like you guys had a great time! Funny picture of Amanda and Candice looks great soo much older. I miss you mom wish Skype was working better!

Lacey said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks again for coming! Im gonna have to get a copy of your pictures next time I see you. Ive got a good pic of you with your balloon baby too haha.