Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my first blog post for 2012. It just seems like there's not much to blog about anymore, nothing exciting anyway. So I'll summarize the last month and a half.

Today happens to be Valentine's Day, and my sweetheart of 22 years got me some roses. I gave him the card, and make spaghetti for dinner, which counts for something, since I only make dinner once or twice a week.

This is my newest addition to the home, a new gas range. The old one (21 yrs) still worked so we gave it to Shannon and Grant, as the one in their home was ancient, with a pilot light and leaking gas. It was delivered on Friday, but only started working on Monday... needed a different valve on the wall. Works great!

I'm still taking watercolor painting classes...and having fun.

A still life watercolor, by me.

The reason I took a picture of the stairs is that we finally had the carpets cleaned after years of not cleaning, due to old dog. Well, Lili is no longer with us. She was almost 16, we loved her and enjoyed her time with us. So, after the messes were done, carpets got cleaned. The kids (Shannon and Grant) stayed with us for 6 months as they got settled into their new California lives. They moved out on Feb 1st, and are doing great. Both are working and they have a wonderful duplex rental in Orange. Shannon has been decorating and making a comfortable home for them.

Tomorrow is tax-man day, and I'm ready for him. I'm on the board of both of our homeowner's associations and that keeps me busy, still working on websites periodically. All is well in the Olson home. I hope you all are good too.

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Shannon Olson said...

A lot more happened that you left out because I was there and I know it! But I am happy you posted what you did because I like seeing what you dooooo.