Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bonneville Team Party 2010

It's Bonneville Team party time. I went to Sprouts for some veges, mainly the cabbage. Shannon told me that I should eat more vegetables, so I loaded up on them.

A boring video for most, but I'm sure that Shannon will like it. You have to remember, the purpose of my blog is to keep in touch with my daughter, who moved to the other side of the world. This way she can see what she's missing here. Miss you sweety, especially at party time.
The Party is ready to start so I thought that I'd take a video of the pre-party house.
Donnie - what a peach! Ribs and chicken from Famous Dave's BBQ. The best!
The Margarator hard at work to quench the thirst of us, well, me especially.

The ladies, Lynne, Sheryl, Sherry and Linda.

Mike and Pat

Famous and Fast race car driver, Kenny Hoover, joined the guys for the feast.

Carl... chatting and bar-tending.

Everyone wore their colorful shirts.

Dennis, looking very hip and cool in his Foster Grants.

Dad, Thanks for providing the vehicle for all of us to get together and be a team. You are the nucleus of Team 777, it's your drive, desire, creativeness, ingenuity, passion and of course dollars that provides us all with a fun time at Bonneville. I wish you weren't hurting so badly.

And me. Kathy. The historian, wife, mother, margarita drinker, party host. I enjoy having friends here at our home. The time flys by so fast. I'm preparing, then I'm saying good-night. Wham!

We had the perfect weather for the party. The guys sat in the back yard and the gals in the house.... as it should be.

AAAhhhhhh, this is the life.....

Pretty ladies.

Thanks everyone for coming. We watched the video of our time at Bonneville at Speedweek, the high times and the low ones. All very entertaining.
That's it! Kathy


Anna said...

You are such a great host! I'm having a Halloween/25th birthday/house warming this year. What's the key to a great party? Booze and food?

Anonymous said...

Kathy and Carl - The best post-B'ville Party yet - Big fun on a perfect day. The shots of the guys on the patio kind of tells the story - The Olson's know how to do a party!!! - Pat and Sheryl

Shannon Olson said...

Hi mom, Looks like a fun party! $25 for all those groceries is a great deal. Surprisingly enough I have found if I shop at the fruit and veggie store and get enough for the whole week it comes out to about $35 dollars so I guess that would be similar to what you pay, only thing is that is only buying what is in season and cheap. Right now for zuchinni its 3 dollars each, so we are not eating it hahahaha. I love the videos and hearing the wind chimes in the backgroud makes me miss home. Love you=)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to have missed the party. I can never get enough of our team. I really hate missing the party.
Love and miss you guys,
Bobby and Dawna

Roxanna said...

Wow! Awesome party! You're like my mother who is a great host of events and parties. She can cook very well too. Her favorite is barbecue! Her closest friend, Jane, gave her gas barbeque accessories as a gift for her birthday. She was so delighted! To complete her day, my sister also gave her Weber portable barbecue accessory. Such a lucky Mom!

Thanks for sharing the cool photos, Beeswax! Very nice blog!