Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Red Hill Cafe

On Monday, Kenny Hoover picked me up and we went down to Santa Ana for lunch with the boys. Kenny had to show off his new Blue 300 MPH Chapter (of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club) hat because he set a record at the Bonneville World Finals last week at 330 MPH.

We were leaving for the Red Hill Cafe and up drove Mike Kuhl and Mike from Indy, so they joined us for lunch.
Art missed out on lunch, but he showed up at the shop soon afterwards. He was kind enough to autograph a few copies of his portrait drawing by Shannon. I will be bringing them to New Zealand with me for her to have.
A couple of them were printed in black ink and a couple in Sepia tones.
Art is posing with the framed original pencil drawing. Shannon's art talent keeps getting better and better with each drawing. Of course I'm somewhat proud of her.
Roy showed us the new rearend he's putting in the roadster. He's already making big plans for the car for next year. Keep going faster, breaking records.
Tootles - Kathy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

California Hot Rod Reunion 2009

I decided to attend the California Hot Rod Reunion, one more time, with Carl. Besides all of the usual fun I have there, I thought that I would help Shannon by selling copies of her art and promote her art business by giving out flyers for her commissioned art.
Here is a sample of her drawing of Art Chrisman and the Hustler I. Finally Art came over and signed a few copies, and they sold right away.

Kuhl and Olson have a fan base and their posters sold with signatures, of course.

On Friday evening, the CHRR holds its annual Awards Celebration, where the Honorees are presented a Wally trophy and a portrait by "Shannon Olson". I was told to pass on thank you's to her by many.

Above is Walt Stevens. And below is Steve Reyes, famous racing photographer.

Below is Grand Marshall, Jess Tyree, a very nice man.

Below is Danny "Buzz" Broussard, who happens to be a great guy. Very nice.

Below is Jet Car Bob Smith.

After the awards, a couple of race cars were fired up in the Double Tree Hotel parking lot, which happened to be jam packed with people. It was a night of good friends getting together and reminiscing about old times. Some of the stories are unbelievable, but true. Here are Gary Cochran, Mike Kuhl, Carl Olson and Frank Bradley talking about the time Mike threw an M-80 over the fence at Fremont Drag Strip at Frank, who then pulled out a gun and fired at Mike and Carl as they sped away. Oh sure, they can all laugh about it now.

Old friends......

The tailgate of Mikes race car trailer.

Matt and his buddies running their new/old funnycar for the first time.

Art Chrisman's Hustler I, stripped down bare and ready to be repainted.

The Green Monster, newly restored by Art Chrisman.

Don Garlits and Sunny Messner working on the Swamp Rat V.

Here is Don Garlits.

Beebee and Mulligan, John Weibe, Kuhl and Olson cars.

Dragster noses.

It was hot! I was hot! I had a good time hanging out with the guys. I saw so many old friends.

Then it was time for me to go. I heard that Pete was going home at 5, so I called him and bummed a ride out of there early. Carl and the rest of the Cacklefest 80+ cars stayed until the very end, which was after 10:30 at night. I was home and in bed by 9:30, he didn't get home until after 1 am. Good for me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Olvera Street

Today is Sunday. Teresa and I took the Metrolink Train to LA Union Station at 11:45, arriving at 12:30. We walked across the street to Olvera Street and were greeted by a street fair with vendors serving up Mexican food, some great Mexican music and lots of people.

We decided to eat at one of the restaurants on Olvera street. So we're eating and Teresa says "look who's here, Cathy and Tim Peron". Of all things - there they were, along with Ty and Kim and Kelly and Neil. They were out goofing around for the day.

Teresa and I were on a mission to find certain treasures, and we did. We caught the 3:25 train back to Pomona. The train was pretty empty going there, but just about full on the return run.

It was weird going to Olvera Street and not drinking a Margarita (or 4), I think that was my first time.

Bye for now, Kathy

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kenny Hoover in SpectreLiner

You must see this video. Our buddy Kenny Hoover, driving the Spectre Liner, originally built by my dad, Roy Fjastad.


Tomorrow, then will run again. You can follow them at www.spectreperformance.com/blog
for their regular updates.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Ryder's Visit

Ryder came to visit Carl and I this week, Monday through Friday. Amanda and Keith were on a cruise to Mexico. I picked up Ryder on Monday morning, we stopped at Great-grandpa's shop and had lunch with him, then we drove home.

We went to the park in the neighborhood and brought the helicopter with us. Ryder loves it because it flies really high and he can chase it (which makes him really tired).

He ended up fixing (breaking) the gadget that has a pull string to make the helicopter fly.
Then he went to ride the horsies.

On Tuesday I took him to Brackett Field, the local airport and we watched the airplanes land and take off. Ryder LOVES airplanes. We did that for about an hour.
After that we drove over to the Pomona North train depot, and got there just in time to see a train come in each direction. I told him that we would take a train ride tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Carl and I and Ryder went to the train depot at 11 am. We caught the eastbound Metrolink and got off in Upland, which was 3 stops away. We hung out in Upland for 20 minutes, then took the returning train back to Pomona North.
Carl and Ryder waiting for the train.

Here's Ryder.

Here comes the train.

Ryder is a very serious train passenger.
Every time we got out of my car in the garage, Ryder would peek under the sheet to take a look at Carl's Midget race car. So on Wednesday afternoon, Uncle Carl let Ryder take a short ride in it.
He got to steer while Carl pushed him forward about six feet, and back.
Carl was pushing the car, but it was stuck on the bicycle hanging on top of it.

OK, we fixed it.

Carl headed up to Gualala on Thursday morning, so Ryder and I hung out at home. Then we went to Claremont Park, where there happened to be about 6 other kids his age playing. He had a wonderful time there. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home, and he took a long nap.
Some swinging fun!

A little boy brought some hot wheels cars and they had fun rolling them down the slide.

Our only "issue" the entire stay was when Ryder got into the Butt Paste, and coated his entire body, and the bed, and the phone and clock radio.
Today, I return him to his parents, in one piece. Then I'm going out for a big drink!