Friday, October 2, 2009

Ryder's Visit

Ryder came to visit Carl and I this week, Monday through Friday. Amanda and Keith were on a cruise to Mexico. I picked up Ryder on Monday morning, we stopped at Great-grandpa's shop and had lunch with him, then we drove home.

We went to the park in the neighborhood and brought the helicopter with us. Ryder loves it because it flies really high and he can chase it (which makes him really tired).

He ended up fixing (breaking) the gadget that has a pull string to make the helicopter fly.
Then he went to ride the horsies.

On Tuesday I took him to Brackett Field, the local airport and we watched the airplanes land and take off. Ryder LOVES airplanes. We did that for about an hour.
After that we drove over to the Pomona North train depot, and got there just in time to see a train come in each direction. I told him that we would take a train ride tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Carl and I and Ryder went to the train depot at 11 am. We caught the eastbound Metrolink and got off in Upland, which was 3 stops away. We hung out in Upland for 20 minutes, then took the returning train back to Pomona North.
Carl and Ryder waiting for the train.

Here's Ryder.

Here comes the train.

Ryder is a very serious train passenger.
Every time we got out of my car in the garage, Ryder would peek under the sheet to take a look at Carl's Midget race car. So on Wednesday afternoon, Uncle Carl let Ryder take a short ride in it.
He got to steer while Carl pushed him forward about six feet, and back.
Carl was pushing the car, but it was stuck on the bicycle hanging on top of it.

OK, we fixed it.

Carl headed up to Gualala on Thursday morning, so Ryder and I hung out at home. Then we went to Claremont Park, where there happened to be about 6 other kids his age playing. He had a wonderful time there. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home, and he took a long nap.
Some swinging fun!

A little boy brought some hot wheels cars and they had fun rolling them down the slide.

Our only "issue" the entire stay was when Ryder got into the Butt Paste, and coated his entire body, and the bed, and the phone and clock radio.
Today, I return him to his parents, in one piece. Then I'm going out for a big drink!


Lacey said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun, you have good ideas to keep him busy!

Shannon Olson said...

Looks Like you guys had a great time! I love the video where dad is pushing the car and ryder is looking up like its stuck and you just keep saying look forward hahahahha so funny.

beeswax said...

I just watched that video again and cracked up. The bike almost fell on our heads. It totally straightened out the hooks that were holding it up on the ceiling. Close call. Ryder was the only one who figured out why Carl couldn't push the car forward. HaHaHa!

Amanda said...

Wow there are alot of pictures!! He musta had a great time he slept for 3 1/2 hours when you brought him home!!