Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I went to Disneyland with Amanda and Ryder on Tuesday. I hadn't been there for at least 15 years, before California Adventure was built in the old parking lot. I hardly recognized the place outside, but inside, not much has changed. (you can click on the pictures to see everything up close, just don't look closely at my face.)

I still love walking down Main Street and looking at all the shops. We didn't go shopping because we were on a mission to have lunch then go on rides. The park was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

We were in line to meet Goofy.

As soon as we entered the gates we hopped on the train that goes around the entire park. Ryder loves trains.
Then we ate at one of the Pavillions restaurants and had a good steak and mashed potatoes plate. Ryder had some noodles with Alfredo sauce.

We went to the Toy Story 2 ride first, then Amanda and Ryder went on the rocket ships. I wasn't in the mood to go in circles after eating. After that we walked through the Castle and Ryder rode on the Carousel.
Waiting for the Toy Story ride.

Some video inside the Toy Story 2 ride.

Riding the space ships.

Video of the Space Ship ride.
In front of the Princess Castle, with fake snow on the steeples.

The belt went around his waist twice. He sure liked the horsey ride.
We went on the Casey Jr. Train ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Haunted Mansion, the Winnie the Pooh ride. Stopped to see Santa's Reindeer along the way.

On the Pooh Bear ride.

Ryder met Tigger and Pooh Bear after the ride. He wasn't very keen on getting too close to them.

Amanda and Ryder watching the Holiday parade.

After dark, at 5:30, they had the Holiday Parade. It was jam packed with people on Main Street. We went home right after that. Had a great day, Ryder was so good, and it was nice to spend some quality time with Amanda.
When Shannon was little, we had a yearly pass and would go to Disneyland at least once a week. She was the same age as Ryder. She and Amanda would go topless when it was hot, and they both pulled out a tooth there.
Not much has changed.


Lacey said...

looks like fun! I LOVE Ryder's haircut! Never seen him with short hair before. See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I bet that castle looks amazing at night! What a great place, I can't wait to go to Disneyland!!


Shannon Olson said...

Hi I know Ryder with short hair and Amanda with dark hair agian, always changing, Looks great! I wish I could have gone Disney Land is so much fun especially with a little kid!

beeswax said...

So Funny! you and Mel posted at the same exact time. Amanda's red hair looks really pretty on her. Makes her eye color pop.