Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dean and Lili

On Monday, after a crazy day (won't mention) I ended up at Lacey and Brandon's new house. They are in the process of moving in and have done such a fine job on the painting and new floors. It's a wonderful home on a quiet and quaint block in Buena Park. I'm so proud of the two of them. They saved their money and bought a home to raise their son in. I didn't take any pictures of the house, but here is a little video clip of Dean being fed his dinner. He is such a sweet little guy. We ordered pizza and put away a few items in the kitchen. (Let me know if you need help Lacey.)

Also, Shannon sent home a gift to me and Carl, a portrait of Lili. It has been framed and is hanging in the hall with the rest of the family portraits.

Thank you Shannon.
(PS, in case anyone is looking to have a portrait of their dog or child or spouse, etc. Shannon will be home for 3 months, starting May 19th.)

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