Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Complete

It's done!

More video.

Hope you liked it.


Shannon Olson said...

Yay! I am happy to see the house! I totally forgot what my room and bathroom looked like before I left hahaha! I was checking all the time to see if you had posted the videos yet and you did yay! Looks great miss you!

Lacey said...

Hey Kathy, everything looks really good! How nice to get new carpeting. That sunset is gorgeous. I noticed the stripes on the wall in Shannon's room, I really wanted to do that when we moved out (eventually..hopefully soon!) did you paint those stripes or is it wallpaper?

beeswax said...

Lacey - those stripes on the wall were painted by Shannon and me. It was a huge undertaking. Trick is to use two colors that are close so the mistakes aren't really noticeable. You have to tape off the stripes, then paint. If you have your house by the time Shannon comes home in May and June, she and I will come over and help you paint stripes.