Saturday, November 8, 2008

S H A N N O N ! ! !

Hello to all,

Today is my last day here. Last night I went to dinner with Shannon and Grant, Anna and Alina for Anna's 23rd birthday. We had a nice fish dinner at Swashbuckler's on the harbor, and after that we went to a local bar for a drink. At that bar a guy started a fight with another guy and they punched and hit each other with bottles. I jumped up and screamed "Shannon!!" (my motherly instincts took over), because they looked like they were headed towards our group. Anyway - I'll never live that down. Anna thought that was the funniest thing - similiar to "Kevin" when the home-alone kid was lost in NY. I suppose you had to be there.

I got home at a decent hour and packed up my two suitcases in preparation for my flight tonight. This morning we are headed south to a local rod run, then over to the plane hanger where Peter keeps his race car to see that and have some lunch. Then it's off to the airport by 4 pm to put me on the Air NZ flight to LAX where I'll be greated by my sad and lonely (not) husband. I can't wait to see his smiling face and get a great big hug.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Wanaka and I will put more up later after I get home and settled.
This is the Hogan home where we stayed.
A view from the spot where we landed the helicopter at the top of a mountain.
Shannon, me and Andrea just feet from a sheer drop of over 5000 ft.

Our helicopter!! ha ha

Brendan - the nicest helicopter pilot in the world!
I'll see you all at home soon, and to everyone in New Zealand - thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and friendship. I've had the time of my life!
Love, Kathy


Shannon Olson said...

MOM! I miss you soooo much =( It is going to take me a while to get use to not having you here!

beeswax said...

I miss you toooooooo!
We sure had a great 3 weeks. Can't hardly top that trip.
Love You, MOM

Anna said...

Mrs. Olson,

Thank you for making our little night out highly enjoyable with your beautiful rendition of reciting your daughter's name. You made that one of my best moments here! lol. I'm so happy to have met you and I'm glad I was able to share a few days with you! Thanks for all of your advice; you're a wonderful person! I'll be sure to see you in Cali one day. =)