Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Nice to be Home, and It's Nice to be in NZ

Where did my first week home go?? It took me about 3 days to unpack. Carl was so good to do his own laundry for 3 weeks, then I opened the hall closet and found - the ironing, hiding from me, waiting to pounce. I've been ironing all weekend. Of course my dryer is not working now, no heat. I'll call the guy tomorrow to get that fixed so I can do more laundry. It's good to be home, but it was also good to be in New Zealand.

More about our Wanaka "vacation in a vacation". The 3rd week of my stay in New Zealand, Shannon and I flew down to Queenstown in the South Island and stayed in Wanaka with our friends Andrea and Garth. This is their home.

This is the garage which is the bottom level of the house.
This is the picture perfect view out of my bedroom window.

We even got to help with the vineyard, and feed some rose bushes at the end of each row.

Feeding the donkeys who live down the lane.

The Melbourne Cup - horse race was being held while were were there, so we fixed up some of Andrea's hats and celebrated with the locals at the Bullock Bar in downtown Wanaka. Garth won $78.00 on a horse.

After the Bullock Bar, we headed to Frenchies where the local socialites were having a grand time. They all dressed up and there were awards for the best hat, outfit, etc. Shannon and Andrea enjoyed the festivities.
We stopped to visit the neighbors sheep along their driveway. Shannon fed them some bread.
Here's a little video clip of a sheepdog herding a lamb back into the fenced area.

Cromwell, Otego - a beautiful area where two rivers meet. Shannon is posing.

On Thursday, Garth took us 3 girls for a jet boat ride on the river. His friends ran the operation. The boats have twin turbo engines and go really fast, then spin a 360 right in the middle of the river.

Garth didn't go on the boat ride with us, but when he picked us up he said "let's go - I have a helicopter ride waiting for you girls". Me - being the big chicken - said I don't think I want to do that. But Shannon insisted that I did. Here is the chopper.

Just before we took off- that smile on my face is excitement and fear.

Brendan, the pilot, took us to the top of a mountain and LANDED on it. I was afraid to get out, but I did.

Brendan, Shannon and Me.

Shannon and I stood right at the edge of a sheer drop - Amazing!

This video clip is of the helicopter taking off from the spot we stopped at.

This video clip is taken where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Most of the area we flew around is where much of the movie was filmed.
Just one of the many pictures we took from the sky. Every inch of land is a postcard view. It's all so incredibly beautiful there.

On our way back to Wanaka from Queenstown, we stopped and the Bungy Bridge and watched people jump.

Our last night in Wanaka, a beautiful sunset.

The front patio deck off of the kitchen.

You can click on any picture to see it enlarged to get the full effect of the scenery.
If you ever wonder where would be a nice place to take a vacation, go to New Zealand. Save up and go. Kathy

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Anna said...

Mrs Olson! I miss you already! Glad to hear that you had an amazing trip! Hope all is well in the states! I've heard about the fires in Cali - hope they aren't near you! =( Shannon and I hiked up Rangitoto the other day! I'm sure she told you about my falls! haha.

Take care!