Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday Oct 25 thru Monday Shannon's Birthday

Hi Again,

I'll always be a few days behind with my blog. It's Friday here now, Halloween, but I'm going to recap the last few days.

On Saturday, the 25th, we took a ferry to Waiheke Island for a Jazz Festival, being held at 5 different venues, all Vineyards.

This is a shot from the ferry we took to the island. Of course, it broke down right away, so we floated around for 1/2 hour until they fixed the motor.

When we got to the island, Shannon collected shells along the beach while we waited for the bus to take us to the vineyard.

This is a vineyard, Goldwater, our first stop.

Shannon in front of Goldwater Vineyard.

You remember "Drunks on a Train"?? Well this is drunks on a bus, BUT - not me or Shannon. The two couples sitting in front of me were so blasted, they joked and laughed like crazy, it was pretty funny.

Sunday - we went to the French market - Cigale - and ate some Paella for breakfast with Grant.
Afterwards we walked around town and ended up at a Belgium Beer CAfe, listened to good music and drank beer and ate really delicious food. After that, we walked around downtown, and went to a place on the viaduct and listened to music and didn't get home until 2 am.
Monday was Shannon's birthday, we met Grant in Devonport, where we had lunch and walked around Northghead hill, a place where they had a fortress with caverns all through the hill. This is Shannon and Grant in a tunnel.

Me and Shannon on top of the hill.

Who wlse? S & G
Some sailboats off in a distance. I have a really good zoom on my camera.

This is a Tui bird, a NZ native.
The next blog will be about our great time in Tauranga with the Reids. I have to prepare the photos for the blog first, that takes a while.
Happy Halloween to all at home.
Love, Kathy
PS, in case you didn't hear, Carl came in 3rd place on his fishing trip to Cabo, caught a 240 lb Black Marlin. Congrats Carl!

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