Friday, August 3, 2012

Now it's August

So I'll review what I did in July.
Lacey and Brandon and their neighbors had a huge block party. Kristen and Candice with Hazel, all wearing their Red, White and Blue.
 The striped couple.
 Shannon and I with a bounce house behind us.
 The kids enjoyed the bounce house, Ryder and Dean in full bounce.
 Lacey and Hazel.
 Blogger will not allow this picture to turn, I give up.
Then the following week 7-14, we fired up the race car. Actually I missed the fire-up because I was driving around trying to find an auto parts store to get coolant for the car.
 It's ready to rumble.
 A little tweaking, then it fits.
Later that same day, Shannon and I went to Lacey's house to visit. Dean is holding the pumpkins they grew in the backyard.
 Hazel is amazed with how cool she looks in her new tu-tu skirt.
Dean and I played car lot, every car is for sale.

On Sunday, July 29th, we celebrated Lacey's birthday (July 26th) at Carl and Kathleen's with a pool party.
Kristen made the birthday cake.

Grant played with Dean in the pool, he's so good with kids.

 A garden setting.
 Grandma Kathleen with Hazel.
 Kristen had to leave a bit too soon, had to go to work.

 Sorry Lacey, but I love this picture.
 Even the dogs joined the party.
My new blouse - self-photo. Carl and I went to the SEMA Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on Friday 27th.
 Drove down to Santa Ana on Monday to help dad package parts. His new air pellet gun arrived by UPS. He loaded it and immediately shot his chair, to see how strong it was. Put a dent in the metal chair seat. Now to shoot up the bad Cactus in the planter.
 This is a scary sight!
July is over, it's August 3rd, and I'll leaving for Bonneville next week. Will post pictures after that.

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