Thursday, May 17, 2012

San Diego Getaway

Not that I needed another vacation, but I took a short one anyway.
My good buddy, Rondi, and I decided to go to San Diego for 2 days, before the guys came down there for a concert.... Pink Floyd!
After settling in to the hotel, we caught a cab to Old Town for dinner and Margaritas. 
I met this guy, but he only spoke Spanish, so I moved on.
 We went to a great restaurant I knew of from the days I lived down there in San Diego. It's in a large courtyard and is all open patio seating. There was a band playing and the place was packed.
We got a pitcher of Margaritas for only $19.99, that poured at least 3 glasses for each of us.
So yummy1

That's me and my guacamole.

Not sure what that sign meant, did they want me to stop drinking at a certain point???
We had dinner, then roamed through the gift shops that surrounded the patio. We came across a lively band, and everyone was dancing; Salsa, Cha-Cha, etc.
We sat and watched for a long time. 
Then caught the cab back to the hotel.

 On Saturday, we took a Trolley Tour Bus from Old Town. It's a hop-on hop-off bus, with a trolley coming to each stop on the 1/2 hour. A great way to see any city. We had the best tour guide/driver - Kaye. He was so full of historical information and never missed a beat. Welcomed each person onto the bus and asked where they were from. Mostly tourists... duuuuhhhh! From Switzerland, and all over the USA.

The trolley stopped at the harbor, went by the USS Midway, past Seaport Village, and all the way we learned about how women built all the bomber airplanes in the hangers we drove by, during WWI.

Looking back at the USS Midway. 
You can tour the ship and you can even stay overnight there on special occasions.

Then the trolley drove through the Gas Lamp District, with the old buildings, Horton Plaza, and all the pubs and restaurants. It's where everyone hangs out at night.
 Next stop...Coronado Island.

It was the most beautiful day, the weather was a perfect 75 degrees.
We're on the bridge looking towards Sea World.

That's the Island.

Looking back at the city skyline from Coronado Island.

We got off the trolly at Hotel Del Coronado and ate lunch there. I didn't take any pictures there and that's a big shame. I was too hungry at that point to worry about pictures. This is a little shop we passed on the way.

We left Coronado and headed to the next stop at the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. We walked through the park where all the museums are located. This is inside a botanical garden.

Pretty Orchids.

The architecture is amazing, you would think that you were in Spain or France.

Looking down the main walkway between the museum buildings. There were gardens, musicians playing, magicians entertaining the kids, people taking wedding photos, people playing in fountains, people laying on the grassy areas on blankets.

We had big plans to go out to the Gas Lamp District for dinner that night. After the tour, we were exhausted and went to the hotel. Ended up walking across the street to Red Lobster for dinner.
The next morning we headed to Mission Beach and Belmont Park. I had been there recently for Shannon's bachelorette party so I knew of a good restaurant right on the beach. After that we walked around Belmont Park, home of the old wooded rollercoaster. Also the old Plunge. They let us go inside, it's a private swim club now. The back wall has a mural done by the artist Wyland.

So pretty, I need to learn how to paint water, so I took this picture.

 Mural by Wyland.
 We then went to Seaport Village, it was Mother's Day, so it was super crowded. A guy was balancing rocks for entertainment and donations. Those top rocks must weigh around 50 lbs. We watched him do it and it's pretty amazing. He said you just have to find the center balance.

I think I found the best ice-cream ever. 
Don't remember the name, but it was coffee with malt, with chunks of toffee candy. 

There was a long line for the kids to ride the Merry-go-Round.

We went back to the hotel and the guys showed up for the concert. I headed back to Orange County, since I'm not a big Pink Floyd fan. I had Mother's Day dinner with Shannon and Grant. They took me to the "Filling Station" in the Orange Circle.

I know, I'm spoiled, and I deserve it. Ha Ha.

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