Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Been C O L D !!

Saturday morning at 6:37 am, the temperature was 32 F = Freezing. The same day as the Winternationals drag race, down the street.

The bird bath was frozen over. Was pretty funny watching the birds trying to drink.
Today, Betty and I took a trip to Forest Lawn in Glendale. She had ordered a grave marker for her grandfather, for some reason, he never had one.
Video of the grave search...

Me in front of the Mausoleum (Michael Jackson's place of rest). Man.... I didn't realize how the big red heart stands out on my chest.
On Thursday, I joined Teresa for an event at the museum that she was photographing. I'm wearing my new tops. I joined in on a table of friends there, and got dessert!
Last weekend I visited Al Teague, and took him a copy of Shannon's drawing of him. We have the original, this is it framed.

This is Al Teague, holding the original drawing. Shannon mailed it from New Zealand. Al and Jane loved the drawing. Great job, Shannon.
That's all the excitement I've had this last week.

This is my orange tree. I'm practicing with the new Blogger Editor.
Ta Ta, Kathy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kathy....Party of One

In between storms I decided to make the most of the sunny day, plus large surf was expected at the beaches, so I took off for Orange County just after making my Meals on Wheels deliveries.
As you can see, Lili wouldn't notice that I wasn't home.

I stopped at Dad's shop to drop off his two new pairs of New Balance shoes that I had ordered for him on the web. Then I headed down to Newport Beach. The tide was out, way out. I've never seen it out so far. There was a sand berm in front of the Dory fish huts to protect them from the expected high tides and large surf. You can click on the picture, then click again to see all the detail up close.

In the background is Blackies and the Beach Ball, a couple of old-time bars, and other shops. I took a walk to the end of the pier, watched the people fishing.

People in the water could walk out pretty far and still the water only went to their knees. Really weird for So-Cal beaches.

Stand up surfing???

Seagull posing in front of lots of mini people.

Front row seating for the seagulls on the sand berm.

The Dory, since 1891.

Looking out at the berm and the pier.

The Newport Beach Pier.

After walking on the sand for a while, I wandered over to the row of shops. I found the ice-cream/bakery shop (of course). I had a coffee and a macaroon (only one). Sat on the wall by the beach and watched the pidgeons, who all thought that I should share my macaroon with them... Hell NO!

So then I drove down the Balboa Peninsula to the Balboa Pier and parked there, still looking for the huge waves. Having to use the toilet, I headed in to Cabo Cantina first. Then I felt obligated to sit at the bar and have a beer. I didn't realize it was 2 for one Happy Hour, so I ended up with 2 Corona Lites. So then I had to order chips and salsa to help the beer taste better. Then I had to run back to my car in between beers to put more quarters in the meter. Brother...

About an hour later I headed for the Balboa Pier. There's a Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier.

The sun was setting and it was getting pretty cold.

Looking at Cabo Cantina with the red roof, from the pier.

The beach at Balboa was completely different from Newport. The surf had created a sand bar with a steep drop to the water, and the surf was coming in.

Approaching Ruby's, two strange little white birds were strolling in front of me.

This guy looks like he's up to something sneeky. Like he wants to sell me a watch or something.

This guy is the king of the shit covered trash bin.

So then I took a walk down the street from the pier to the arcade and the harbor. The town was completely empty, very strange.

Cool old sign.

I walked around by the Pavillion and the Ferris Wheel, all the shops were closed. So I walked back to my car and drove to the ferry and crossed on it over to Balboa Island.

I drove on the island over to the main street, parked, and got a chocolate covered frozen banana. Then I walked around and looked in the store windows.
Then I headed home, most of the traffic had cleared up.
So that was my mini vacation, all by myself. I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Blogs in One Day

It was so windy and rainy all day. You can see snow in the local mountains behind our house. I stayed inside and did ???, don't know where the day went....

By sunset, the storm had moved out and there was a spectacular sunset.

I love the clouds with the sun's light reflecting on them.

Almost down.

The sun has set....

I've taken so many photos of the sunset over the 20 years we've lived in this house. It's always such a beautiful sight, just breathtaking.
We're expecting another storm on Friday. Thursday I go to Zumba class, then deliver for "Meals on Wheels". The old folks are so sweet and so are the other volunteers who deliver.

Guarding the Home Front

I don't blog very often because there's not much to write about.
Carl is visiting Shannon and friends in New Zealand. When he arrived at her home, they Skyped me. I took this snapshot from my Skype camera of them. They are having a good time.

Here's a video of today's weather. I'll just stay inside and keep dry and warm.

That's all I know for now.