Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grant's First Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
That your family and friends all gathered together to create a delicious meal.
That you shared the day together, laughing and relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
I got up early and took the turkey out of the fridge, cleaned it and started boiling up the giblets for the gravy. I was in the kitchen all day preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Waaa Waaa Waaa.....
Carl was up in his office catching up on work after returning from an 11 day fishing trip.
Grant drove down to Huntington Beach to go surfing.
Shannon was in my office, scanning her latest art and putting it up on her Etsy shop.

I had planned to have all the meal timed to eat at 4 pm. Everything was on schedule. After cooking for 4 hours, I took out the turkey and let it sit on a tray while I started the gravy. Then, I noticed the pink juices gathering around the turkey on the white tray. The flippin' turkey wasn't done. Damn! I put it back in the oven. With the stuffing already cooking in a dish and the yams cooking. I waited 1/2 hour and checked it. Still not done, but now the stuffing is burned on the bottom and the yams are self-mashed by being overcooked. We ended up eating around 5:30, burned stuffing, I forgot to make the asparagus.

Everyone loved the meal anyway. I have decided that next year I'm going out to dinner.

Grant's first official Thanksgiving meal here in America.

 Our little family of four, plus one dog.

Grant had two servings, wait until the turkey hits him, triptofanes.

Diving in to the meal!

What's Thanksgiving without putting olives on your fingers?

And on your teeth?

Shannon looking lovely.

Next comes Christmas. And Christmas shopping. =)


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Bonnie said...

It seems like you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving! :)
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